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  1. Could be if you experience the problem more when the accelerator is closer to the floor. Larger load of electricity cannot pass through electrical components with bad connectivity. So, I would also check distributor cap, distributor rotor, ignition wire set and spark plugs.
  2. Thanks again Jdemaris! I bought a couple of 1/2" plugs from local hardware store and after I plug them in I find that water still comes out from around the pipe. The plug must be too deep so the water tube wasn't sealed properly. I resorted to filling the plug partially with my glue gun and then waited a bit for it to cool down and plug it on. And it worked! No water leaking out finally!
  3. Thank you Jdemaris. It looks like the setup of the pipes is a bit different on my rig? I'll check to see the feasibility of your suggestion but thank you nonetheless!
  4. Thanks for your advice! Do you know the specs of the PVC fittings? I would like to get some idea what I need to get, especially for the short pipe nipple to couple the cold and hot water lines together. The extra water storage container is a good idea. Thank you again!
  5. I don't use my hot water tank ever as I have no use for it, but it was leaking so I have removed it from my Dolphin yesterday, and I would like to ask for some advice please: 1. Where can I get a cover that will be able to completely seal the opening? 2. Where can I get the caps to stop the water lines? 3. Would I be able to use the space to create an extra fresh water supply tank? If this is possible, any idea how? Thank you for your assistance.
  6. I've had my engine overheating during trip to Mexico last Christmas. Maybe you can find some insight into your problem:
  7. IMHO the furnace of the motor home is notoriously inefficient. Since you have electrical hookup, why not just use a electrical fan heater? I always have one in my rig so when there's hookup I can use it.
  8. Linda, I plan to install the water heater somewhere beneath the air vent in the washroom. I think that should provide sufficient circulation of air. WME: Yes I am still researching for better waterproofing method, however FRP panels, plastic molding and bathroom caulk is a bit too much for me. If there's something easier please let me know.
  9. Thank you for everyone's input especially Toyoguy for replying me first! I think the original water heater is very inefficient so I plan to remove that altogether. Then I will be installing this water heater. Then waterproof the whole shower area with this. Any comments would be very much welcomed.
  10. During my Xmas trip to Mexico, maybe the road gets too bumpy, the washroom sliding door just fell down from its track. I am thinking of removing the sliding door and hopefully replace it with a lightweight folding door. Anyone has any experience doing that? Would love to hear from you.
  11. Since I bought my 1987 Toyota Dolphin in May 2009, I have never used the shower before as I tried to turn the shower faucet on water came out right from the faucet for some reason ... Anyway, I set it my goal to try to get the shower to work properly this year, but before I do that, the shower space seemed to be just was up with wall paper, I wonder if showering there would damage the wood panel. So, I would like to ask for advice from fellow members if they have any success using anything to waterproof the shower space? Please advise what I could use to make the space water proof.
  12. I would like to report back my findings on MPG in regards to having OD off full time. I have a habit of fueling up as much as possible on every gas stop. I don't necessarily fuel only when the tank gets empty, but also when I need to make a stop shopping/eating etc. My first fuel stop is at Marysville, Washington, Interstate 5 southbound exit 199. This is usually the first time the tank is completely full after refuel. My next fuel stop is at Kelso, Washington, Interstate 5 southbound exit 39. The next stop is at Albany, Oregon, Interstate 5 southbound exit 234. At this time, I have conclude
  13. Thanks everyone for your comment I was just arrived back to Vancouver yesterday and had my first day of work today. I won't be heading out with my rig anytime soon so I would spend sometime to plan for any work to be done on it. I have found an interesting article in choosing aftermarket radiator here. I would like for comments on the article please.
  14. Happy new year to everyone here at the forum! I am on my way back home to Vancouver and now I am in Oregon. No problem so far after driven to San Quintin in Baja California and back. Yes I think temperature going up during climbing is not something normal too, and the mechanic did suggest that my three row radiator is not having the cooling effect enough and suggested I should changed it into an aluminum one. What do you think?
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