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  1. So I was finally able to buy new tires all the way around on my 1986 Dolphin but the wheel stud integrity was already compromised noticeably on the rear passenger side and two snapped during installation of the new tires but I couldn't afford to fix them so I foolishly put it off. Giving a friend a ride a couple days ago and heard what sounded like a rock smack the side of my RV a couple times before ride got a little bumpy so I pulled over and checked only to see my passenger side tires were holding on with the last stud. I have purchased 6 new studs and nuts and I've been trying to find proper instructions for swapping them out but nothing dedicated specifically to the topic only bits and pieces for many other jobs in the same part of the axle so I was hoping that somebody might be able to provide a diagrammed instruction on how to remove and replace the lug studs as well as a list of all of the other important components that should be replaced at the same time. The tires that were on here before were from the previous owner and failed due to extreme age so I can assume that nothing else within the axle has been fixed or replaced in that same time period and the vehicle has 76,000 original miles on it. Strapped for cash at the moment I've got to keep my costume as much as possible but I need to at least get the mandatory things done as I'm going to have to be living in it for a while starting this coming week. Currently on the side of the road so whatever help I can get with information soon would be more than appreciated. Thank you all.
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