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  1. Hello again folks, Can someone tell me exactly what I should take off the front of this rig so that I can use the 6 lug wheels? wheels and brakes were mentioned as well as spindles. Are the spindles necessary? Keep in mind that I will have to swap what ever I take off with what is on my motorhome as we are going to convert this one into a flat deck.
  2. Hello Folks, First Post. I picked up a 1985 Toyota Motorhome up here in BC, Canada that has the bad 5 lug rear axle . It has the 22RE engine with 90,000Km. Luckily I came just across a 1987 Toyota motorhome 58,000 miles that the owners were going to be a rebuild but they gave up on it. It has the 6 lugs axle (see attached pics). It has a different V6 engine. My questions are: 1) Would the different engine impact the driveshaft or any other connections for the rear axle swap? 2) What measurements should I take to make sure the new axle fits? Is it just the width between the leaf springs? 3) Should I swap out the front axle as well?
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