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  1. Thanks, I didn't attach any ground to the isolator, as it does ground through the case to the body when I bolted it on. The new isolator has four bolts on it, the two large ones on each side and two smaller ones labeled I and s. I connected the alternator wire and the positive battery wire from the engine compartment to one of the large terminals on the side of the isolator. Then ran the other side of the isolator through a 30 amp automatic circuit breaker to the coach battery. I didn't use either of the I and S smaller terminals on the isolator, it's not sure what those two are for I think the S is for accessory, not sure about the connector labeled I. But I'm fairly certain neither one are ground, as it grounds to the chassis when I bolted it on. So the other large connector coming out of the other side of the isolator leads back to my coach battery box through a 30 amp automatic circuit breaker. Now, there are three other ring connectors that go to the coach battery, so in total, there are 4 positive and one ground wires with ring connectors in the coach battery compartment. Does that sound correct? I've crawled up underneath it trying to trace all five of the wires, they all disappear into a harness and for some unknown reason, come out of the harness a totally different color, like white changes to Black inside of the harness or vice versa. The only one I can see, attaches to the frame so I know it's ground, all of the other 4 certainly appear to be positive, to hook to the coach battery. Does that sound correct? Thanks so much for your responses. When I got this sunrader, it had no coach battery installed just the wiring in the coach battery box. Also had no isolator, just a wire coming from the coach battery box through the 30 amp automatic breaker, and the wire coming off the other side of the 30 amp automatic breaker cut. With no isolator at all. That's why I bought and installed the isolator, and I'm trying to get the coach battery wired up. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you...
  2. DON'T attach any ground wires to the isolator, as it's grounded when you bolt it to your firewall.
  3. I also wired the hot thick white (looks like 10 G) wire from the alternator connected with the primary engine positive battery wire to one side of the isolator/regulator. And the other side through a 30 amp automatic breaker to the coach battery positive. Also, the 2 large 🔩 bolts coming out of each side of the isolator we're too big for the ring connectors from the alternator wire and the positive battery wire to connect to. So I purchased a few inches of 8 gauge wire, and some gold-plated ( best conductor, not much more expensive) larger ring connectors, and crimped on the large ring connectors, then connected the positive battery and the alternator wires to those wires with the larger ring connectors that would fit on the isolator/ solenoid. I used some insulated wire connectors and crimped them together to prevent shorting to ground when I attach the additional wire which I needed to do anyway because where I put the isolator and the 30 amp breaker, the original battery positive wire and the original white alternator wire we're not quite long enough so the extra wire with the larger ring connectors helped that as well.
  4. I would think, and I actually did install 30 A auto-reset circuit breaker from the isolator to the coach battery. I personally think that's just as important as the 30 amp Auto reset breaker from the positive terminal of the primary battery to the isolator/solenoid. For only five or six bucks, it certainly worth having there, just use two sheet metal screws, or small bolts and nuts, if you're able to get to the backside and get them snug, and attach it anywhere on the firewall around where you installed your isolator/solenoid. You might have to use a punch, or even a strong nail, maybe even a drill with a small bit to create a small hole in your firewall/ inside fender, for it to attach to the automatic breaker. I had to also do that to install my isolator, which is more important because it needs to be bolted to ground.
  5. I'm sorry to keep posting, one more thing, where I'm plugged into 110 shore power, I keep popping the GFI breaker on the 110 outlet I'm plugged into. Sometimes with nothing plugged in at all inside of the camper, and sometimes when I run the roof air conditioner for a few hours, especially overnight it'll pop the GFI breaker on the 110 outlet that I'm plugged into. Just thought I would throw that out there because that's just another mystery! I would really appreciate some input from somebody that might have same or similar issues.
  6. P.S. I just went down and bought five 30 amp inline fuses that I'm going to wire up to the five existing wires in the coach battery compartment before I attach any of them to the new coach battery. So if I have anything incorrect, I should blow a fuse before I would hurt any accessory, or worse yet, melt any wires. But any help with the five wires in the coach battery compartment, two black and three white, would certainly be much appreciated, if anybody knows or has any of the same kind of setup, please let me know. Thank you very much...
  7. I'm trying to figure out the wiring in the coach battery compartment of a 86 Sunrader. When I bought it, it didn't have a coach battery installed. I just bought a deep cycle RV battery, There's 5 wires with ring connectors, 3 white and 2 black in the coach battery compartment. So far, I've determined that one white is ground, because it bolts to the chassis on the other side of the propane tank. 2 black are positive. 1 black wire is reading 7 vdc when I touch ground with the other lead of my meter. So, I know that connects to the positive terminal of the coach battery.(Obviously, at the manufacturer, they didn't care which color wires they used for positive and negative.) The other black wires goes up to the isolator on the firewall under the hood. It's a two connection isolator, a red wire coming off the other side of the isolator has been cut and went to nothing. I connected it to keyed power, so I know that has to go to the positive post on the coach battery. As for the other two white wires, one has +12vdc when 110 AC is plugged into the converter when I measure it on my vom, with the other terminal of the meter touching ground. So I know that white wire goes to the positive side of the coach battery. I tried to follow the other and last white wire, and I've lost it up on top of the gas tank in the harness. There's another two connection plug coming out of the harness up near the top of the gas tank that's plugged in to nothing. I've recently installed a new gas tank and new fuel pump inside of the gas tank. When I had the gas tank down and doing that work, I know the fuel pump is wired up correctly, and that plug didn't go to that fuel pump at all. I'm thinking maybe the back water pump near the water tanks to pump water to the shower and the sinks etc. Is where that wire is supposed to plug into coming out of the harness, but neither of the two wires coming out of the harness with that plug on it are white. I can't find any other plug anywhere down there where that plug might plug into. So I've lost the white wire coming out of the coach battery compartment into the harness up near the gas tank. It doesn't have any continuity to ground, so I'm guessing it has to go to the positive terminal of the coach battery. I just want to be 100% sure when I hook the coach battery up to all of the 5 wires. So if my assumptions are correct, there would be five wires in total, four going to the positive terminal, and one going to the ground terminal of the coach battery. So my question is, does anybody know where that other white wire going into the harness by the gas tank goes to? And where is the water tank water pump? How is it wired? And where that mystery plug up near the top of the gas tank coming out of the harness goes to? And am I correct, two black wires two white wires going to positive terminal on Coach battery? And one ground white wire to the negative terminal on the coach battery? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I need a ECU for my 86 Toyota sunraider. #89661-35040
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