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  1. I think I may have found my vehicle of choice if I am to go this route....... the Toyota T100! It has a sliding rear window too, and check this out, it has the LEGENDARY '3400 Four Cam 24' AKA 5VZ-FE in the last iteration model year of the T100 (95-98). And yes, it is a 1 ton chassis I believe. Linda S.... are you gonna copy my style now? 😁
  2. So.... can a 1/2 ton carry a regular full size cabover camper? Complete with everything, including (but not limited to)........ sink, toilet, stove, shower, flat screen TV, Dolby Digital 7.1 DTS surround sound system w/ Atmos, a Shrek pinata, 2 RC cars, snow chains, emergency roadside kit, fire extinguisher, and a partridge in a pear tree? What I'm trying to say it, will a 1/2 ton pickup be able to carry enough excess items that may or may not be necessary? Or should I have a weight-saving kinda mindset to where I'm eating and drinking from paper plate and cups, shaving every ounce that I can as though I'm lining up at the dragstrip racing one of John Force's daughter?
  3. I was thinking those mid-90's Tacoma...... but I'm not sure if the rear sliding window is big enough for me to fit through. And do you think I would need the bigger version, SR5 or whatever with XTRA Cab? They seem to be lifted and more robust which I'm assuming can carry a heavier load? Anyway, I saw a few older Lance campers that are in good shape selling for pretty cheap, so this could be an awesome 'budget build'.
  4. Was thinking, maybe I can just go the route of a cab over camper as it's been a bit difficult finding an older Toyota Motorhome rig in a good enough condition within a certain price point. My question is, what Toyota truck (model/year) would be the best fit for this? (Would like to stick to Toyota) Also short bed or long bed? Sliding window in the back IS A MUST so I can make a hasty escape should danger come my way while camping in the middle of nowhere, so which model truck has the biggest rear sliding window? I don't know how people do it, camping in a separate trailer with no access to a quick getaway. Anyway, what would you recommend? I'm not talking these 40-50 thousand dollar newer trucks as I don't have money trees in my backyard... but something affordable for now so I can be part of the cool Toyota RV life! Gnome-sayin'? 😎
  5. Yeah, sounds like my Dometic fridge from the trailer might not work, its kinda big.... has 2 openings, top and bottom. I would love to use it as they seem to be the best in the business when it comes to RV appliances.
  6. Can't you just put an electric blanket over the fresh water tank since it's accessible from the inside? Did I just discovered a cool tip? I was also thinking why they don't have a small little opening latch on the water tank where you can throw in a submersible heater to keep the tank from freezing??
  7. TOS - Toy Only Swaps..... your one stop shop! 5VZ-FE swap for $8500! 👌 I just saw earlier on Youtube a 4x4 Chinook with a 5VZ-FE...... oooh wee! Bet that thing can climb the Colorado Rockies without breaking a sweat!
  8. But why not just go 5VZ-FE if you're going to have to take out the motor anyway, assuming the motor is on it's way out? Would make more sense to me, I mean there's more work involved in the swap but in the end it will be worth it to me. And you can find one for about the same price or even less than a 22R/E.
  9. Any guesses as to the final bidding price of this rig? Anyone?
  10. Could it be the legendary, highly sought after, ultra rare......... Toyota Scat?! Ooh-wee!! If so, you're sitting on a gold mine!
  11. Ouch, that one kinda hurt, linda s. Hahaha. But I do have intention of buying one...... maybe. That is why I'm here on the forum learning as much as I can about these awesome Toyota Motorhomes. I just feel like people can be too uptight sometimes, just trying to loosen things up a little in here. I don't think I was outta line in any of my posts! 😇
  12. Can I borrow some money linda s? 😋
  13. Time for a 5VZ-FE...... woo-hoo!! But anyway, as far as 'rebuilding' goes, you can never be sure what exactly that entails or if it's even had a rebuild if previous owner didn't leave you receipts to show what was done. Could have just been a simple head gasket replacement, valve adjustment, water pump/timing belt replacement. I just don't trust people these days.
  14. Found a cool site called, 'Campendium' from watching Youtube vlogs of people RVin'g. Just wanted to put it here for future reference for those who are also wondering, and for myself in case I forget. Also, I found out that the yearly membership parking thing at participating businesses is called, 'Harvest Host'.
  15. Do you trust, and have enough faith in the almighty Toyota Motorhome (22R/E or V6) that if you had to take a trip from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow, you would not think twice about it making that journey............. and back?! I just want to know how confident you are with these motorhomes, I guess I just need a bit of reassurance that I'm making the right choice in possibly purchasing one and joining the 'cool club' with the rest of you peeps!
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