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  1. I don’t recall saying my tanks were polyethylene (?). I’m pretty sure they’re stock, ABS for grey/black and Poly for Fresh…
  2. Mine is the same, 21 foot rear bath/kitchen (1985). Bathroom toilet, sink and shower all go to black water tank. The only thing that goes to grey water tank is the kitchen sink (which seems like an awful big tank for just one sink). I would suspect yours is similar...it's easy to test - open the grey water dump valve and run water down each sink/drain...you should be able to see where it's going pretty easily.
  3. ha..yeah, it would not surprise me
  4. Obviously yours may differ, but mine's 9'-6" to the top of the AC unit...ish....depending on state of air suspension, etc.
  5. Yes, I will need to double-check all the linkages...I THINK they're all working as designed, and I certainly will do a more thorough inspection of the remainder of the system and evict any resident mice :). I DO have a heavy vinyl "curtain" to separate the cab from the house, and I'm certain that will help with cooling, but airflow is my major question at the moment. My uncle had a similar Sunraider and thought this one blew much weaker than his did...hence the question. I'm just not sure how much of those passageways I can get into without a complete removal of the dash, etc. I've been in behind the glove box obviously, but will need to dig a bit deeper....
  6. Hi all, As many of you know, I just got this '85 Sunraider a few weeks ago and have been busy fixing/tweaking, stuff etc. Everything more-or-less works now.. Along the lines of "less" working is the cab AC. It seems to cool ok, and runs through all three fan speeds, but air volume is pretty low out of the vents. It's not terrible, but seems like it should/could be better. I've run a borescope into the vents/through the fan housing, etc. and don't see any obvious obstructions, but before I started REALLY taking things apart I was hoping for some feedback....perhaps these things are just that way and don't blow very hard. One of the issues here is obviously one of measurement...I'm not sure how to measure and/or quantify any improvement really, other than just guessing... I did "clean" the system using a few cans of this stuff.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007PHD0S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm not sure if volume increased much/at all, but it does smell minty fresh! ha... Any/all advice appreciated...if these things are just generally weak at blowing that would be good to know. Thanks guys.
  7. I was able to find a suitable stainless steel flexible tube at a local propane shop. Fill valve/assembly still works as designed, my issue was simply a bad hose. Took it back there today for a proper purge and fill....all is back to normal. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hi all, I noticed that the fittings on my propane hose leak, so I need to replace it. It’s 12” long and has 1/4” flare fittings (female on both ends)…I can’t seem to find one anywhere. It’s off of an ‘85 Sunraider if that matters. Here’s a photo of the hose, and the fitting it needs to attach to. Seems like it would be easy to find, but…. Thanks in advance.
  9. If you have a Harbor Freight nearby, they sell a reasonably complete "O ring" assorted kit for cheap (it IS Harbor Freight after all). Not sure if they have the size you're looking for but it might be worth giving it a shot. For example: https://www.harborfreight.com/382-piece-o-ring-assortment-67554.html
  10. Thanks Linda....My uncle had a Sunraider and he seems to remember wood furring strips with foam in-between on his, but that doesn't mean that is what I have. I'll investigate it further.
  11. Hi all, I'm begging to ponder the possibilities of an interior demo/renovation of my '85 21' Sunraider and am trying to figure out what the ceiling/roof construction is/was. Mine's currently covered in a "jute" type fabric which appears to be original. I'm trying to determine what's under it and what I can fasten a new ceiling finish to. (?). I tried searching this forum, but can't seem to find the answer. I suspect I'm just missing it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Oh, and I did find from of of dad’s old posts or Profile, this one’s an ‘85.
  13. Hi Linda, I believe his screen name was “Royal” as was his real name - he went by Roy…I came across a few of his posts earlier. As for value, etc. I’m going to buy it from her - she needs the $ and it will help her out with her trasition as well. Everything works on it, and it runs great…I think the only thing that doesn’t work quite “right” is the AC doesn’t seem to blow much air - I think there’s a cable disconnected or something under the dash if I had to guess. Fan is running well, but it seems “restricted”. I will dig into in over the next few weeks once I get it up here (I’m in Virginia Beach). Thanks all for the replies thus far…
  14. Hi all, I’m new here and have a lot to learn. My father passed away about 2 weeks ago and has/had a pretty nice Sunraider. I believe he was an active member here. I don’t really know all THAT much about it/them, but I think it’s a 85 or 86, 21’. It seems to me that it’s all pretty original, and everything works, heat, AC, nice big fridge, etc…new tires, no leaks in holding tanks, 6 lug rear axle, …..solar panel, etc. He bought it a few years ago and has been working on it ever since. What is a “reasonable” market value is for this thing as I may be interested in buying it from his estate (wife). It seems pretty difficult to nail down values from what I can tell since they’re pretty rare, and most ads I’ve seen are old/outdated. Also, what are some things I need to pay particular attention to…Like I said earlier, I know very little about this thing. I’m pretty mechanically inclined and do a lot of work myself, so I’ll dig in as required. I’m not trying to get super detailed responses here, but want to know if this thing’s worth $5K or $25K (I suspect it’s in between). Thanks in advance. Located in New Bern, NC. Thanks all.
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