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    Ignition module

    Hey just a follow up- the electrical mystery was finally discovered to be one shorted wire. First mech plugged the ECU in in 1,2,3...2nd mechanic did 1 and 3 and narrowed issue to wires from 2nd group- so 12 wires. Ended up the wire for exhaust, fuel sensor. (If I understood it correctly). My goodness, a fresh pair of eyes can make a big difference.
  2. Honu

    Ignition module

    Thank you so much! My rv shop cant seem to find one so they're having mine rebuilt. I'll show them this site tomorrow!
  3. Are Ignition modules hard to get for 93 Toyota Itasca?
  4. Thank you for those great ideas! I really liked the rental car delivery possibility! I was completely befuddled.
  5. My dog is 14 years old and I worried she'd bounce around or slide into the rear wall, it needed to go up on a flat bed. If I could be in there with her we could have bounced around together with me holding her near (she's 65 lbs) and telling her its ok.
  6. I recently broke down on an Interstate and required a tow service which wouldn't allow my dog in the tow truck, the dog would need to stay in the RV. I asked the service if I could ride with my dog in the RV. No was the answer. Thankfully my brother drove 80 miles round trip to get us as we followed the tow truck. If I'd been further away I don't know what I could have done. Anyone with advice?
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