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  1. Trying to replace a leaking sink trap. I think I may have over-tightened the nut while attempting to loosen it. Any tips on getting it loose?
  2. Thankfully not near the pump. Not sure if it has a water heater. Turns out there’s a tear in the hose that leads to the tank. Are those straightforward to replace?
  3. IMG_3302.MOV IMG_3302.MOV We got a lot of rain recently and I noticed that the area where the bed meets the front of the camper is soaked. After removing the mattress there are areas where the corners look worn and cracked. My guess is maybe the leaks are coming through the windows and outer corners of the camper. There’s also a leak coming from the roof vent on to the bed. I’ve tried using silicone but either used the wrong sealer, used it incorrectly, or all of the above. Any suggestions? I’m new to motorhome living.
  4. I recently bought a 1985 Toyota Dolphin. Using it semi-off grid until I feel comfortable boondocking. When I first started using the freshwater tank, it would easily last a week. Now it empties only after two days. I only use it for dishes and brushing teeth. Not sure where to start with identifying the where the leak is coming from. Any suggestions?
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