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  1. Thanks for the interest. I've got it figured out. Turns out my positive cable to the RV battery was grounded. Fixed that and all good now...
  2. Recently getting the 1988 Itasca ready for a weekend trip, the charging system failed. It worked one day and quit the next. I can't recollect the sequence of events that led up to the failure. It may have failed AFTER I hooked up the house battery, But the condition remained after unhooking the house battery. What happened was the alternator dash light is on. I was getting no voltage from the alternator battery terminal. Changed alternator. Still no voltage there. I understand that a 1988 should be internally regulated. I also understand that there needs to be voltage INPUT to the alternator to make it work. There is a 4 wire plug in and I am getting voltage there but only about 7 volts. Is that right? Should I assume the new alternator is bad? I did not have the old one bench tested nor the replacement (which is re-manufactured). Coincidentally the fuse for the other dash circuit indicators/directionals was blown. I replaced that but still no charging. Any thoughts for this Monday morning headache? (By the way, my weekend trip was cancelled and I drank all the beer at home...) 🤪 Everything works fine on shore power. And I have not tried to rehook up the house battery to check my connections. Has been raining out until now... P.S. I have been looking through the forum for clues but thought i would throw this out there. My main head scratching is the input voltage which I never knew about before... Thanks.
  3. Was wondering if the buy and sell area is shut down I keep getting an "Internal Server Error" message. I am trying to sell... Thanks.
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