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  1. Okay! I also ordered a renology deep cycle 12V 100aH AGM battery for my solar panels and it’ll be in Friday. Couldn’t j just replace that house battery with that?
  2. I checked the fuses and they were both crystal clear looking both the same so I assume they’re Gucci. Thank you for helping because I haven’t a clue about auto mechanics so I really appreciate it. oh and my wife pointed out that the house lights don’t turn on anymore so maybe it is the house battery dead? Everything is hella dirty though
  3. Generator doesn’t crank anymore when I press the on switch
  4. So here is a pic of my generator located on the outside underneath the panel…. When I try and fire it up it putters for a min then shuts off… guessing maybe needs some oil? Previous owners didn’t say much however the champion 2500 generator is to big to replace it in its spot.
  5. so i just need to buy the AGM battery along with that kit you posted correct? I also see that the kit has an upgraded pack with a Lithium battery. also how hard are these things to install"?
  6. wonderful! Thanks for all the help! So my champion inverter generator 2500 came in yesterday but I got to thinking and I would like a way to charge my batteries while chilling and I read about utilizing a small solar setup for that purpose. Could i use the 200w kit listed above to do that?
  7. So i take it that there might be a problem with my converter? Also in terms of rear view camera for backing it on up.... what do yall recommend? thanks again.
  8. Good thing I'm not camping bud! I plan on living full time in my dolphin.
  9. So in terms of battery people keep recommending me Battle Born.... But in terms of price i wanna cop this one though... amazon version and in terms of an inverter generator Champion generator
  10. Yes the lights do come on without the engine running! Well I'm considering buying that yamaha inverter generator, would that not suffice if the converter is fucked?
  11. I have a shower, the original stove , and the original lighting. So i definitely wanna replace interior lighting with LEDS, but as far as suggestions please hit me with them! If you got links even better! thank you so much for your help so far too btw.
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