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  1. Something like this? https://www.protex.com/18-1645SS-spring-claw-toggle-latch-light-duty-stainless-steel-natural If not, it might be a place to continue your search...
  2. Just checked out their website-thanks for the link
  3. @Dan Thanks for wiring pdf-very helpful
  4. Speakers may or may not be installed if it never had radio. Thats ok, cuz they were cheap and tinny-sounding anyway. Im pretty sure the speaker wiring will be there,-biggest task will be removing the old door trim panels without breaking the fragile cardboard. Use a wide flexible scraper, or buy a trim kit that has multiple removal tools like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Tresalto-Auto-Trim-Removal-Tool/dp/B01L8GHB7O How-to video here;
  5. NewB here-first post. Happy to have discovered this great resource I would love to find these for 6 lug '86 DRW. Do they even exist? I realize the model in pic is only 3ft tall https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Dual-Tires-replacement-by-super-single-tire_fig2_270584701
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