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  1. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the help from everyone here. I'm a newb to the camper thing, a mechanical hobbyist and home rebuilder. I've never had a travel house before though. So my first two-in-one'r. 86 22RE SeaBreeze. Auto. Check engine light: 1. Pops on when stressed in 4th gear above 60 e.g. headwind or up hill when on the gas. When I lift off, it goes away. My fix currently is to turn off overdrive and just keep it at 55 or so when I'm getting strong headwinds or climbing 2. Pops on when I try and use the engine to brake down a hill by turning off overdrive. Blinks 5 times at me (i think it's 5, it's certainly a sequence of purpose). Fix here is...don't do this. The problem is only an interstate one, around town and even on non-interstate "easier", less trafficy highway, it never happens. Have I replicated anyone else's experience? Is this common? I've put about 1300 miles on her like this. Fluids are all good and new and seem be staying that way, engine temperature is always on the lower side and never changes. Everything else seems great. Thanks everyone, Aldo
  2. Aldo

    Battery Power!

    Excellent advice my friend. thanks! I'll give it a go this afternoon when I can get away from work. After troubleshooting everything I can see, your reply, and testing continuity to the 12v stuff, I have a feeling it's it's something silly. Like a switch or something disconnected I haven't found.
  3. Aldo

    Battery Power!

    Thanks for the reply sir. Totally going to pick your brain on solar once this issue is addressed. “Not running off of” = Aux battery not powering the house. No battery light is on ever. Truck battery puts out 14.4v when running. Aux battery only puts out 12v and does not ever charge, when truck is running or powered ashore. Truck runs great, only 91k on this girl and I’ve the mechanical side of things perfect. Airbags work too, those are awesome. House will not power when truck is running, even with a full battery. Truck battery is new. I’ve run the truck for hours, checked the aux battery for charge while the truck was running, still at 12v. Truck battery was charging correctly. Converter is working as all the 12v stuff powers fine when ashore. Breakers and fuses all in in working order. Positive and negative poles are connected at the aux battery. Could the isolator be bad? That’s the little guy mounted to the firewall correct? Attached a photo of the panel. Where else would I check a converter connection? It seems it’s not getting power or sending power. Any troubleshooting workflow advice would be sincerely appreciated too!
  4. Aldo

    Battery Power!

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, thanks for making this forum a wealth of information on these funny vehicles we all enjoy. I can’t seem to get this old girl running of the aux battery. Did some tests: - new battery holds 12v all the time - not charging when plugged to shore power - not charging when vehicle is running - everything in the coach works fine when plugged to shore Could it be this auto switch from page 10 of this manual? Photo attached too. I’m not running the generator currently for lack of carburetor, not my focus right now. I really only need the aux battery for a night here and there to put some lights on and keep the fridge cold when driving. Pete SeaBreeze and I appreciate any guidance and help folks. Thanks, Aldo
  5. Photos! Thanks everyone. It’s an older Onan it seems.
  6. Nope. It’s the only thing I don’t have on the whole vehicle. It’s like it was taken off to get fixed and forgotten when sold to the previous owner. Air filter and stuff were all just sitting in there. Gas is getting to it, spitting where the carb should be. The starter is turning the motor as it should. Plug looks old so I’ll swap that. if anyone has a picture of the old onan units I could use for reference—that would be awesome. Small engine repair for some reason always comes into my life and I’ve found myself to be pretty good at it. Aldo
  7. It’s green! It turns over, pumps gas to where there should be a carburetor. Older looking unit with its own little muffler setup below. I may rig a big motorcycle silencer on there I’m thinking if it’s too loud. Not a kohler, i would have recognized that name if I saw it.
  8. Cool everyone. Thanks for the knowledge! Looks like when it comes to the ac I’m in for a new one. Any suggestions? Generator photos soon! Hopefully you all can help me come to conclusions like you all did on the ac thing! Thanks again!
  9. I’m sure there’s a Freon can or something I can try out no? It’s clean, runs well. Just not cold. I’ll upload some generator pics shortly. Any parts sites anyone can suggest for items like I’m having an issue with?
  10. Hi All, We’re happy to be a part of a supportive group here with the purchase of this funny little 86 Sea Breeze! I’ve already learned a lot about this thing here, so thanks to all everyone for sharing their insight. I need a carburetor for this old generator. It’s an 86. Someone pulled it off and never put it back. It’s getting fuel doing everything it’s supposed to but obviously not going to work. So any guidance would be awesome. I know it may be tough to find, but I’m willing to search. Also just part site suggestions in general for the coach would be great too. I’m trying to get this roof ac to run cold on shore power. Don’t know where to start with a recharge. Happy motoring!
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