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  1. I just replaced the coach battery on my '86 Sunrader - I had the wiring bundles marked for + & -. After this the alternator will not function / charge (engine runs on battery alone) and I can't get any coach battery power to the camper. Both engine & coach batteries are good - 110 Hookup / Converter still works fine - along with all interior wiring - I'm not sure if the isolator went bad - or the alternator - or both -- or something else - such as a mixed up wiring on the coach battery connection -- if this was the case what could I have been damage?. Any suggestions would be most helpful - thanks. One note - the Charge Light would always come on and stay on when the engine was started until I revved up the RMP's abit - then would go off - now it's on full time regardless.
  2. Purchased an 88 Winnebago 22rb last year. The two front bunk windows were cracked and needed to be replaced. Local glass dealers wanted $100 / window for safety glass -- went to Home depot and purchased 2 sheets of their heaviest plexiglass ($16) - make sure it is same thickness as original safety glass, carefully removed one window and used it as a template to cut new windows (you can use a good jigsaw with fine blasde -- use paper protection on glass. I had to sand the edges to get a good fit but the rubber gaskets on Winnebagos are super tough and last a lifetime. The hardest part was fitting the new glass into the gasket & metal frame - make sure the gasket completely surrounds the plastic before fitting into metal frame. I would also recommend taking the metal frames completely out (vs. just replacing the glass) - it will be must easier to work with and by now the gasket material fitting to the camper skin is probably failing - use a good butyl compound and that seal and use abit of silicon once you fit the new glass in the frame. I've had no leaks and it has not pitted at all after 2,000 miles though it will be more prone to that over time, but worth the $$ savings.
  3. Thanks for the response - the bottle is a horizontal 6 or 7 gallon? 30lb - looks to be the original mfg. one. The Winnebago doesn't have a compartment as yours does that would protect the bottles - it's just attached to the frame just behind the driver -- are the bottles you upgraded to safe to be exposed like that? So there is no way to replace the valves on these? I will have to post a picture of the assembly when I have time.
  4. Just recently purchased an '88 Winnebago 20RB Toyota - it has the original LP tank located behine the drivers cab, is in great shape, and has a weep hole to prevent overfill. It works great and would be a shame to have to replace right now. I've noticed that some folks have posted comments about the difficulty having these filled if they do not have the new OPD valves-- I was wondering what veteran Toyota Motorhome owners have experienced with this traveling around the country trying to fill up on propane. What service centers are out there that will fill them? Will I have to just bite the bullet and replace the whole tank? Can you retrofit an OPD valve on older tanks? Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Recently purchased an 88 Winnebago that needed the tail lights replaced (bulb sockets wear out over time and bulbs won't work) - found an online retailer - RVWholsalers.com - that has the entire Bargman #84 tail light assembly - for about $19.00 (part # 30-84-003). I've found it cheaper and easier to replace the assembly than monkey around with replacing a lens or socket pigtail. Hope this helps.
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