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  1. I too have this problem. 1991 Winnebago Itasca Spirit - RB321. Found the part number for my rig here https://www.winnebago.com/Files/Files/Winnebago/Resources/Diagram/Plumbing.htm It's called a Header Drain, Part #52961. It used for winterizing the RV, but since I'm in Southern California, I've never had to deal with that. It is used to drain the last bit of water out of all the sink, shower and water heater pipes in the rig so they don't freeze. These are slightly different from the 2 "Valve-Line Drains (#52960) near the water tank/pump, mainly used to drain the tank. The Header Drain is one ~6" long piece, with each end having 2 pipe connections (up and out) and the "plunger value" to release the water in the middle. I have not as yet been able to find this part online. @REALLYRURAL - that's a good solution to the problem - figured it was an o-ring. The problem in my rig is that this valve does not directly drain to the ground (which i think the Valve Lines do), it drains directly on top of my Gray water tank, and the water runs down the top of the tank ~ 2 feet toward the back bumper. There is a 2" gap between the bottom of floor and the top of the gray tank, and if I pushed the plunger all the way down, I couldn't get it back in without pulling out the grey tank 😞 So here's my temporary hack "fix" - laugh if you must, but it seems to be holding for now. Basically they just leak into one another. Only other solution I can think of is to re-plumb this section with modern fittings.
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