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  1. Thanks, it looks like it is a 1986. Thanks. Can I just drop the driveline and pull the yoke out to replace both of those (yoke and bushing) or need to do something at the transmission? My mechanic showed me some wear at the part of the yoke that enters the tranny (it's an automatic). He had replaced the back seal to try to stop a small leak but its leaking worse now so he's thinking this is the next step. I was hoping to do it myself if it's not too difficult.
  2. Hi, Rookie question here: Anyone know a good source for parts for our 87 Toyota Dolphin (22RE, auto trans)? I'm specifically looking for a driveshaft slip yoke for the auto trans right now. Also when searching Camarata and enter the VIN, it sends me to a Toyota 4Runner for parts. Is this the base model for these? Thanks! Abe
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