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  1. Your oldie may be the same size as newer ones. Give measurements from insert tab to insert tab and show me a pic of the cooktop. I'll see what I can find Linda S
  2. Yeah me too for the Walmart batteries. Thought they might be discontinuing them a while back because they were almost totally out of stock but that has been replenished. I have never had a Walmart coach battery last less than 5 years. Bought an Autozone truck battery when Walmart didn't have what I needed and that lasted a whole 4 months. Got my money back and went to Walmart. Also the first time I replaced my truck battery I discovered it was 11 years old. It too was from Walmart Linda S
  3. Just so you know, a tire marked 185r14C is not a C load rating. The C means commercial like for delivery trucks. The key to know if it's really D load is the max pressure. Should be 65lbs. A C load range tire would only be 50 Linda S
  4. Accelera has been around or quite a few years now and their online reviews look good. Tread looks nothing like the Yokohama's though. Simple tire has the Thunderer Ranger for just a couple of dollars more per tire. That's the one I would buy Buy Thunderer Ranger R101 185R14 Tires | SimpleTire Linda S
  5. The generator is way too big and heavy. This is powerful enough to run an AC unit and you can still pick it up Amazon.com: Generac GP2500i Inverter, Orange, Black : Everything Else So why do you think you need lithium batteries. If you insist the Amazon version has twice the amp hours. Way better deal Or or about half the price you could go with one of these Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 200Ah | Renogy Solar 2 -6 volt golf cart batteries can be connected in series to make 12 volts and 220 amp hour ones will cost even less than the Renology battery. Linda S Ah yes. Charging requirements for lithium batteries are quite stringent. Proper charging system is going to add to your total bill. Not good to have your RV exploding like lithium batteries are known to do
  6. Les Schwab near me won't do my alignment. They said they can't do duallies. Funny though I met a guy at the grocery store with a massive Ford dually 4x4 with at least a 6 inch lift. Asked him where he goes for alignment and he said Les Schwab did it when they installed his tires. So I guess in my town they only do stuff for tire buyers. Jerks Linda S
  7. Winnebago has deleted all files relating to Toyota motorhomes. Unfortunately those files did show how everything went together. Isn't there a frame that goes around the outside of your microwave? If so removing it might give you access to screws along the sides. You would have to cut them though. If you post some pics from every direction maybe someone can come up with an idea. Linda S
  8. I don't have a Sunrader like yours so I can't just go out and measure. Let me see a pic and give me exact dimensions and I will look around for you. A couple of good pics that clearly show what the other owner has done would be good. Need to know what your working with Linda S
  9. Kind of wondering why you didn't just turn your propane off at the tank. Then you burn off the little residual gas in the lines to the stove and remove it. Linda S
  10. None of the tail lights worked on my Nissan and they were the same type as yours, Bargman 1400's. After a through cleaning they all work fine. clean all the contacts and replace bulbs. might be all it needs Linda S
  11. Use the link I posted for the best price. I still really like the Haida but that tread is so aggressive it's going to impact highway mileage. The Achilles is the second cheapest but it's a great dependable tire. Definitely a deal there link again 215/75R15 Tires for Sale Online at Discount Prices - Priority Tire Linda S
  12. Yes they do. I posted earlier the size you need. 215/75/15 is as large as you can go. Same exact tire but 215's size the section width, widest part of the tire, drops from 9.3" to 8.5". It's just enough narrower to work. Back in the day my friend Roxanne was somewhat of a Sunrader expert. She too had custom 15 inch wheels on her 4x4. She drove on 215's until she sold it years later. Linda S
  13. Did your interior lights ever work when the truck wasn't running. Is the coach battery new? Check the coach battery with a multimeter with the truck off. Should be showing at least 12.6 if fully charged. Below 12 and your battery is already sustaining some damage. Below 11.3 and it's dead and you need a new one. If it's not too bad check voltage again with truck running. Should be 13.7 to 14.7. If battery tests OK then something else is hooked up wrong and the power is not getting to the coach. Fuses are probably not the issue because if they were bad it wouldn't work with truck running either. Linda
  14. Your fuse box for the camper is somewhere near the floor. A square or rectangle metal door with vents. Open it and you will see all the fuses. Here's a pic from a Dolphin Linda S
  15. Didn't your Dolphin come with a fridge? The propane ones are the most efficient. Also you don't need an inverter for laptops or some tv's. I use a 12 volt converter for my laptop and I have a 12 volt tv that didn't cost a ton. Also does you furnace work. The desert in the winter is not that hot in the day but night time temps can drop rapidly. Linda S
  16. Sorry the notifications stopped working about the same time as the for sale site. Linda S
  17. Scrape off all the grout and use fiberglass mat and epoxy. Kit from auto parts store will work. Carefully push into surface to match curves. When it dries you can sand and paint and it will be close to invisible Linda S
  18. How about factory. This certainly doesn't look short 90942-05026 - Toyota Parts Deal Of course not cheap Or you could have whomever puts the tires on source some for you. I don't think Walmart can install your tires. The wheel balancing machines they use can't handle our huge center opening last I heard Linda S
  19. Poopy valve is 3 inches and gray water valve is 1 1/2 inches. Linda S Yours don't look that old. You know they can be repaired rv waste valve seal kit - Google Search It's good to lubricate them from time to time too. At the dump when you can push them in and out spray with wd40 and in and out them a few times. Makes them easier to use and last longer
  20. I can come up with a Keep your Toyota alive manual and a 1988 factory service manual. XSane scanned image (wordpress.com) 88_TOYOTA_TRUCK_Service_Manual.pdf service manual is very big download Linda S
  21. Well AKpirate has a Toyota and in his video you can see the hub protruding and the correct 3 hole wheels so he's fine. Just to add interesting information all 4x4 Sunraders came with fake duallys except for 1. My friend bought it from the mans estate and it came with the paper work of the upgrade while it was being built in 1986. Gardiner-Pacific bought the first 15 inch custom duallys from Custom and Commercial Wheel for this rig and that's how that company got into the Toyota motorhome wheel business. Mike talked to the wife and she said her husband insisted on having the best and that meant the new full floater. Linda S
  22. Ok I get it. I made my girlfriend sell her Land Rover because of all the problems it had. Linda S
  23. What's Lucas Electronics. I only come up with a store in Brooklyn. You mean a Tesla? I would love an electric vehicle with the range and power to use backroading. With global warming I hope they come up with better and better all electrics. Linda S
  24. A few things put your solar dreams out of reach. The air conditioner and an electric refrigerator can and do use lots of power especially in a steamy New York summer. There are lower power options but all of them extremely expensive. Are you getting rid of all the propane? What do you have in mind for cooking and heat. That kind of battery load will require at least 400watts of solar panels to keep it charged . Loots of roof space for a little motorhome. Maybe too big. Of course the Maxx fan is just a fan. runs on 12 volts and not a power hog. 12 volt tv's are also easy to find and there are 12 volt converters for laptops so all of these are not a problem. So we need exact models of the high power appliances to check how much power you need to run them. Linda S
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