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  1. Good news: our mechanic is able to work on the generator. It's an Onan so we will clean it up and get it running rather than replace. Thanks for the advice! Bad news: the roof is in pretty bad shape. There are leaks at a few seams and cracks. Worse, the front drivers side overcab bed section looks like it was damaged and repaired, but the repair didn't keep out the water, so the wall is rotted and needs to be replaced. I'm not sure if it makes sense to put a new roof on it (also $$$) or if there is a way to fully repair it so that it's water tight. I know it will need to be sealed, we'll need to pull off and clean all the vents and hood stuff from the top, re-seal, and then use that roof-goo over the whole top. We need to replace the weather strip that runs along the edges, too. My question is, do we need to put a new fiberglass rooftop, too? Would love advice on this, too. Thank you!
  2. Hi good people and all your good advice. The Sea Breeze is with the mechanic now getting much needed attention - and a new timing belt. Sounds like I need to take my time with the generator - I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but will have the mechanic take a look at it too. Hopefully it can be repaired rather than replaced. Linda: I'll post a photo of the generator when I get it back. Meanwhile, I'll do some research on the links and references you shared. I like the looks of that 3-way refrigerator on Ebay, especially for the price. Toilet - honestly, it's in pretty bad shape. Probably 1000 more questions to come, so big thanks again
  3. After lurking around these parts for a while this is officially my first plea for help. Also, my first ever foray into a forum of any kind. So... hi everyone We recently bought a 1990 Sea Breeze with 28,000 original miles that seems to be in pretty amazing shape. Pretty stoked, but we have zero experience with RVs and so this 100% new territory. We need to fix, replace, and refresh a number of things. Starting with... - the original Dometic fridge was replaced before us with one of those dorm room refrigerators from costco. We want to replace the fridge and will rebuild cabinet. Advice on how to determine if we need a 2-way or 3-way fridge and preferred models? We are not planning to live in the Sea Breeze, but there will be long trips and extended stays in Baja so I would like to be smartly situated to keep things cold. - and how about a new toilet while we're at it? I've seen the Home Depot potties and just wondering if there is more to consider than how the commode is attached to the floor and septic system without leaking. What do y'all recommend? - the generator doesn't work and the previous owner never used it. I want to be able to charge a laptop so I can work while on the road, but don't anticipate we'll be at spots where we can plug in to electricity directly all the time. I'd like an easy solution since we won't be living in it full time, but I have not clue about generators. Thanks in advance!
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