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  1. OK, I'll go with the consensus here and look on the automatic as an acceptable option. I have always been biased toward manual transmissions, but the justification for that bias has been eroding for some time. One original issue was repair cost difference, which once heavily favored sticks. However, I had a new clutch put in my 2004 F250 V-10 6-speed a few years ago, and that set me back $1,800. I can't imagine swapping in a rebuilt auto could have cost very much more. Another potential issue is parking brake effectiveness with the standard trans. That same truck has a horribly weak parking br
  2. Coincidence can be a funny thing. I got on FB Marketplace this morning, and was immediately presented with an ad for one of these nearby, at a pretty low price. I may or may not go check it out just on GP - I'm not quite ready to buy, and this one looks and sounds (description) quite a bit rougher than I'd like. It does prompt me to ask a couple more questions, however. First, it is described as simply "1985 Toyota Mini Cruiser" and that is the only identification that shows in the photos. I had not previously run across that name. Who built the coachwork for this one? Also, it has an automati
  3. Thanks, Linda. In your opinion, will it be worthwhile reviewing the "for sale" site linked from this one at that time, or is that a long shot?
  4. I am completely new to this line of MH, so please forgive any ignorance I may display. How much chassis modification was done to the Toyota pickup to install the Dolphin, Sunrader, etc. MH parts? I assume it was more than the process of sliding a camper shell into a Ford or Chevy p/u, but how much more? Might it be possible to acquire a Toyota 4x4 Tacoma of later vintage and transplant the MH to it? If so, might that not be a cheaper and less labor-intensive alternative?
  5. Hello. I am interested in buying one of these little gems. My wife and I are both retired, and live in the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the next two years, we intend to investigate relocation to Florida. In that process, we intend to spend significant time there investigating several areas on the Gulf Coast. If we rent real property during that search, we will be forced to either pay through the nose competing with the regular snowbirds in prime season, or to travel there at a time of year that differs from when we would be resident after purchasing a home (we also have some property with a cabin
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