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    1981 Toyota Freewheeler. 22R, 4spd manual, 16.5', almost everything still works! Slowly trying to bring it back, it seems worth saving. Canadian made, Canadian found, Canadian rescued.
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  1. Thanks Linda and Gary! I'm glad to hear this isn't a major problem. The roof is quite solid, I still wouldn't walk up there, but there are no soft spots at all. Just a few holes to fix up. I appreciate the feedback.
  2. Hey All, I spent many hours yesterday scrubbing, and I removed the rest of the rack, as well as the useless tire carrier. Getting ready to fill holes and seal the entire roof. I hope the pictures show it okay for you, but I have some odd waves in the aluminum skin where it is separated from the wood underneath. How the heck does one fix this, without tearing the entire roof off? I very much do not want to take that on. I looked back in over 60 pages of posts, and I did not come across this at all. There's a weird circle of screws right in the middle, that I can only assume is a previous owner's attempt to fix it. Any help would be appreciated! Dason.
  3. I know this is an ancient thread, but I figured this is pretty fitting.
  4. On mine, the cutout part is the actual base of the upper part. But the full bed is another layer of 3/4" on top of that. I actually enjoy sleeping up there, and I never need to go through from the cab to the back, so I kept it when I rebuilt mine. That being said, if you actually use the cutout, and don't sleep up there, it saves a bit of weight and actually looks kind of pretty. Dason
  5. Thanks! No Sir, it's the 5 bolt. I think I understand all the axle talk, and I know people don't like the 5 bolt, but I think mine is small enough and never fully loaded down, so I should be okay.
  6. Hi all, Just a new face checking in. I've read a few of the posts before, but I figured I'd throw myself in. Last summer I bought a funky little motorhome, and after only a few trips, I totally fell in love with it. It's a 1981 Freewheeler. I didn't get to enjoy it much this season, I just finished fully rebuilding the overcab which was quite rotten and leaky. Man, that was a task! Next year it will be back in use, but I'm sure I will still be tinkering whenever I get the time. Dason
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