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  1. It's a 6 lug, and we just drove it with 4 people from Portland to all the national parks in Utah, and back, it worked amazingly well.
  2. I appreciate your input, but I have actually seen 2x late 70s Sunraders sell for 13.5k and 15k, respectively. Both had well over 100k miles, and neither had nearly as many updates to the interior as we've done to ours. I'm not expecting crazy money, but I'm willing to bet $100 that we sell ours for well over $10,000.
  3. That's surprisingly low, I've seen Sunraders in worse condition with more milleage sell for 15k. We have multiple documents showing the mileage is truly that low.
  4. Hey guys. I've long lurked this forum, and got a lot of help reading repairs posts, and it's finally time to sell my baby. Awhile back I purchased this 1978 Toyota Cal Camper from an old guy that took good care of it, but rarely used her. She came with a paltry 62k, and everything was original. After some road trips and fun, my wife is making me sell it as we've got a newborn and the money would be nice. I've found a ton of info about Sunraders and Dolphins, but VERY little about the Cal-Camper, so any background information would be much appreciated. I'm also trying to price it out, and having difficulty finding any info about it. Details below: Low 66k miles. The 20R, 4 speed manual gets an impressive 16-19 mpg, and runs amazingly well. This motorhome comfortably sleeps 4, and features a functioning toilet and sink. The RV had been well cared for by the previous owner, but we've gone all in, updating a variety of features, and making a litany of repairs. The refrigerator works with propane or electric connection, basically everything running perfectly except the AC needs to be recharged. Upgrades: -New cream vinyl front seats -Brand new bed and seat pads -New curtains -Refinished the faces of the cabinetry -Painted the trim and ceiling -New cabinet hardware -Lines have been cleaned -Removeable propane tank recertified -Sink waterpump replaced Repairs: -New muffler -Gear box tightened -New carburetor -New idle solenoid -New air and fuel filter -Brake system flush -New rear brakes -New wheel cylinder
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