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  1. Hey everyone. We got a 1985 Sunrader 2 years ago. Love it. One of the previous owners painted (with a brush) a thick white coating on the roof. Brush strokes and globs everywhere. It is not glossy, more chalky than anything and it holds dirt like crazy. Anyone know what it is and how to remove it so I can redo it correctly?
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the info. Did some more reading online, in addition to these posts. Looks like the only time a dc-dc charger is needed is if a lithium battery is involved. Thanks again, love this site.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm replacing the old BW6325 with a progressive dynamics with their PD4635. That's what they recommended. And a new house battery, mine is toast. Should I get a dc to dc charger as well or will the current isolator setup be alright? And if I should get one, do I eliminate the isolator. The more I read online the more confused I become. Partly, I think, due to the fact no one is talking about a 36 year old RV. I have a 1986 Sunrader. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the info. I am just now having time to get back to this. When I started looking into a weak spot in the floor, I found that one of the previous owners, there were 2, cut a hole through the floor to to get to the tank. So I replaced some of the rubber hoses. We'll see if this solves it. Thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this platform. Please excuse any goofs. I just learned not to hit enter to start a paragraph. Annyywwaaay, My wife and I purchased a 1985 Toyota Sunrader, 21ft, last August. We immediately had to make a trip to Oregon due to a family health emergency. Taking a 2600 mile trip in a 35 yr old vehicle I just bought was quite nerve racking. The Toy did very well. We got by without the few things that weren't up to snuff, but I'll get into all that at a later date. One thing that is troublesome and was difficult to deal with; for and hour or so, every time we filled up, we had a strong gas smell inside the vehicle. I have all the paperwork, some with hand written dates and notes. It appears that the fuel pump was replaced in 2019. So my question is, can I access the top of the gas tank, to check the gasket, etc. without dropping the tank. It has a 26 gallon tank. If not, and this is the part of the answer I'm probably not gonna want to hear, how difficult is that tank to remove. I've done it on cars, but this tain't no car. Thanks for any help. I'm probably just a worry wart or lazy but any feedback would be appreciated. Barry
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