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  1. I have a 91 odyssey but also v6 auto. Mine also has issues getting into L. With mine at least if you pull the lever all the way down and jiggle it then it will shift into L. Assuming linkage needs adjusting but haven’t gotten around to it yet
  2. What kind of rewire was needed for the new converter? I need to change mine out and when I emailed progressive dynamics they mention a fair amount of re wiring was needed but didn’t elaborate.
  3. Buddy of mine has access to buy ICBC write offs and from what I’ve seen I should be able to snag a running totaled runner for $700-1k. I figure if I can snag one with a locker, and a decent 3.4 then part out remainder that cuts cost quite a bit. I was looking at a 4x4 swap but think if I can at least run maybe a slight lift and a locker out back that should get me by.
  4. Thanks Linda. Yes my plan was to hopefully find the correct year/optioned 4runner giving me the motor and rear diff I want. I swapped an elocker into my tacoma last winter and used an off-road solutions harness which took all of 10 mins to install so that was my plan wiring wise. Thanks for the link. Sounds like it should work with some modification.
  5. So just planning the build for my 91 odyssey. I’m wanting to add a rear locker. I am looking at picking up a wrecked 4runner for a 3.4 swap and was wondering if anyone knows if the elocker from the 4runner fits the 6 lug dually rear axle in the odyssey? from what I can tell both and 8” rear ends. Just figured if I can snag the 4runner for a decent price which it sounds like I can then even better deal if I can utilize the rear 3rd aswell. tried googling and I think it should work just wanted to see if anyone has any experience
  6. Does anyone use leveling jacks with their yotahome? Haven’t taken ours out yet, heading out on the 25th for 3 days. Noticed in the driveway it rocks a fair bit when walking around or rolling over in the bed. Just trying to see what others are doing. my first rv so bear with me. I tried searching but didn’t find much of anything. we are running a 91 22ft odyssey
  7. Thanks yeah I saw that post. I looked on summit and can buy replacement steel oil pans so should be able to mod those.
  8. Just picked up a 91 22 foot odyssey. It’s got the 3.slow and auto currently. I bought it with the intention of swapping in a 3.4 this winter. been thinking about it and wondering if I might be better off doing something like a Chevy 5.3 swap instead. Similar money, way more base hp/torque. Tons of aftermarket support. haven’t really seen it done though. Is there a reason no one does this swap? Got a buddy who’s a mechanic who was going to help with the swap and that’s the motor he is suggesting we do. if not that any other suggestions? building this to do a trip to panama in 2022 hopefully and Alaska/Yukon after.
  9. Just picked up this 91 odyssey 22ft. 130k miles on it. plans this winter are 3.4 swap, strip off all old sealer, reseal, redo roof and new paint and stripes. Interior refresh and add solar/new converter. Hoping to do the pan American as far as panama with it in 2022.
  10. Hey all, did some searching but didn’t find much. I have a 91 odyssey with 6 lug 14inch wheels. Looking to see if anyone makes the correct size 15” wheels and what tire size would work? Ideally would like to be running something a little more all terrain styled. I have ko2’s on my tacoma so something like that ideally but can’t find anything really in the 14” size I’ve got now. Maybe I’m sol just wanted to check as google search wasn’t coming up with much and I have zero experience with duallys
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I looked up the model PD7231. Looks like it is supposed to shutoff once charged. At 29 years old not sure I trust it that much. like was suggested I think I’m going to upgrade the converter. Any suggestions?
  12. just picked up a 1991 Odyssey yesterday and ive got the manuals ive been going through for most items. one question regardings shore power. am i ok to plug in full time while its parked outside my house? the electrical panel has a red light that says if solid its charging, if rapid flashing its charged over 90%. i plugged it in last night, this morning was rapid flashing so over 90% which is good. should it have an auto shutoff though to stop from overcharging? this is my first motorhome so not 100% certain of everything yet. PFA. thanks, Scott
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