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  1. Thanks Linda. I put 20 psi in airbags a couple weeks ago and they are empty now. Not sure how long it took for the air to seep out. Also, my neighbor mechanic showed me the air bags When the RV was on a lift having the rear differential seal changed, and they didn’t look so hot. Thanks for the tip on the fresh water tank.
  2. My Water tank Is full. My air bags don’t hold air. Is it safe for a road trip?
  3. I’m wondering if it is okay to drive with my potable water tank full? My airbags above the tires that are supposed to lift the cab up when it’s fully loaded, do not hold air. I just filled up my potable water tanks and I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to drive for a few hours up north. Or are you supposed to find a potable spigot when you get there? Thoughts?
  4. Derek, Do you know what this plastic thing all the wires go into is called? That connects to the control panel? I need to buy another one and I don't know what it's called...
  5. Is there a shut off switch that shuts off the coach deep cycle battery. Like a kill switch for when you’re not using the battery?
  6. Having trouble figuring out what the problem is here. I had all the electricity working (off the 12v battery) and now it is not working after screwing the control panel back on. I have a brand new deep cycle battery hooked up. I removed the control panel to replace some old connectors because the wires were falling out of them and not making good contact. After that everything was still working. There was a black wire that fell out and was hanging there so I stripped it down and exposed some fresh wire and plugged it back in. I'm not sure what the problem is now but nothing is working anymore. Off the battery that is. Here are some pictures below. The water pump light doesn't come on anymore either. I'm not sure which wire that is. Anyway. All the lights on the panel still light up though. We were up north camping and I bought a new battery. I hooked it up and nothing would work. Then the next day after plugging things into outlets and flipping switches, I noticed that a ceiling light was on. This was when I decided to check the wires behind the control panel.
  7. Yeah. Mine is plug in or propane only. I tested them both out and it gets the fridge just under 40 when I plug in and freezer super freezing cold under 20. Can’t remember where. Maybe around 0. The same when I tested the propane. it does say not to fill the propane over 80% full on the tank and the flap door, but when I Got it filled they filled it until they couldn’t anymore so it’s on the “Full” mark on the meter. Someone told me that means it’s 80% full. I’m not sure. I just know the OPD wouldn’t let anymore propane go in.
  8. Wow Linda. You're good. I see that now on page 13C of the original manual that came with the RV.
  9. Mine doesn’t run off of the 12v battery. Just a plug or propane. Can I drive with the propane on and the fridge getting cold, or do I have to get to where I’m going and then turn on the propane? If that’s the case, I’d have to keep my food and stuff in a cooler and then transfer it to the fridge after the fridge took hours to get cold.
  10. So if I change it from gas to electric on the knob, I can plug it into an extension cord that is plugged into an outlet of my house?
  11. Still working on it. Any plastic anywhere is mostly dry rotted and so anytime I touch anything that’s plastic it crumbles so.... Even the rubber washers around stuff outside the RV.
  12. Wow! Great job. You really had to basically build it all from scratch. The Roof looks great.
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