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  1. Thanks Linda and Tika. Darrel
  2. I know that Tika has coordinated this rally in the past. I'm wondering if there will be one this coming year. Darrel
  3. I have been following this thread. When you say on slow turns do you mean with the steering wheel turned to its stop. If so try rubbing some heavy grease on those groan stops. It may help. Darrel
  4. Had to cut this trip short was to cold for our old bones. The furnace really had a work out, did keep us warm but the battery was down to 12.20 volts overnight. The tanks were frozen and needed to be dumped. Darrel
  5. Colors are good but not quite there yet. Not enough cold weather. Did have a great fire last night at Thompson reservoir and 40 or morninge deer came out of hiding. Had to cut a tree that had fallen over the road, good firewood. I forgot to mention a large herd of antelope this morning on the lake edge. Darrel
  6. Colors are good but not quite there yet. Not enough cold weather. Did have a great fire last night at Thompson reservoir and 40 or morninge deer came out of hiding. Had to cut a tree that had fallen over the road, good firewood. Darrel
  7. Plan on a road trip to Eastern Oregon for the fall colors. Going to are old hunting grounds around Paulina lake and have a good camp fire. Leaving tomorrow for a week or so. Got the chain saw and axe. Darrel
  8. Fred, You know what the Dolphin is. In comparison to the 94 Winnebago; 50 more HP, it does perform better, more power, worse gas mileage, breaking is smother and more forceful, engine is quieter, road handling is improved, Dolphin did not have power steering, overall Winnebago is bigger-3" wider-1.5' longer-more head room in over head sleeper- turns in a sharper circle- I personally liked the aluminum Dolphin siding better- overall the Winnebago has less fatigue in driving. We put 58 thousand miles on the Dolphin and 53 thousand miles on the Winnebago. That's a good comparison. The Winnebago is a little easier on tires. Dollar upkeep is more on the Winnebago, engine wise and trans fluid. Gas mileage Dolphin 17.4mpg Winnebago 13.3mpg. The choke on the Dolphin carburetor would not completely close all the time. I would have to manually close it. Open the hood and feel under the air cleaner for the choke linkage open the throttle a bit and close the choke then let go of the throttle which kept the choke closed. Then start without touching the gas peddle. Never did figure out how to adjust the linkage properly. This usually happened when the air temp was 30 or below and I pumped the throttle too many times which had a tendency to flood the engine. Had to give it a few minutes rest then it started rite up. I redid the Dolphin battery box to accommodate a 27 series battery. I always use Walmart batteries, they are made by Johnson supply and are suppose to be good. I now use a 29 series battery an get the heaviest one, yes I have taken a bathroom scale in to weight them. Even if you only get 1-2 years out of a battery what's that compared to the cost of driving down the road. I usually do get 4 years out of a battery. It does depend on how many duty cycles the battery goes through and how rough the road you travel. This got winded..... Darrel
  9. Fred, When I we, wife and I think about your road trip we get envious. We had a 84 dolphin the same layout as yours. I can hear the engine noise, transmission whine, anticipating the gear down, really miss the large rear window, many times we wish we had not sold and some times wonder "why we did". We also got stopped by cops on occasion for dubious reasons, must be as my family members would say, the hippy MoHo. Did you get the choke problem figured out? Darrel
  10. It looks like the battery you have was produced 1/17, January of 2017. You need a isolator between truck battery and house battery.
  11. I remounted my spare to the original mounting point. Look at the frame to either side and you will find a removable rubber grommet. This is where I ran the original spare wheel lowering rod. Had to cut and shorten the rod, put it back together with cotter pins so if I had to ever remove it I could. Ran the rod to the passenger side and now can lower the spare using the original lowering handle. I did have to relocate the propane lines. I chose to remount the spare wheel because I installed a larger poop tank, original was 12 gallons now have a 22 gallon tank. The last two pictures are of the completed mod. Darrel
  12. Jack, I went to a local plumbing supply store and bought the white plastic fittings you see here. They slide over either your old gray pipe or new semi clear pipe. Also can get the blue or red pipe.The end then screws down tight making a water tight seal- no leaks. As what was said already you should have a plastic pipe cutter to make clean smoth cuts. Plumbing supply also sell this tool. By the way, did that tank sensor I sent you work? Darrel
  13. The smoke from fires around Grants Pass is unbearable. Loaded up the boat and went to Lakeside, Or. Got here yesterday. Booked the month of August at Osprey resort on Tenmile lake. Its 67 degrees here and 95 in GP. No brainer. About the drive here, don't know our loaded weight of motorhome but the bed and every corner was loaded. The boat weighs in at 1360# without all the extras, add another 200 maybe. Did not drive over 50mph, was able to maintain 40 up hills in 2nd gear with the AC on. Did not overheat, All systems PERFORMED as they should. Now get this the gas mileage averaged 12.58mpg, that's almost what we get with just the motor home. Figure that. First photo about to launch the boat. Second photo loading up at Costco in Roseburg. Third photo is our home for 31 days. If anyone is in the area your welcome to stop in for a boat ride maybe fish or crab. It's 163 miles from GP to Lakeside and took 5.5 hours with two stops. Long drive. Darrel and Gun
  14. My 94 Winnebago has the 7100Btuh air conditioner like what Derek said. A 2000 watt Honda will not run it, keeps on popping the fuse. Darrel
  15. I remounted my spare wheel to the original mounting place. Just behind the rear end using all the original parts. On either side of the frame is a rubber plug in the frame which I removed. I cut and shortened the original spare lowering rod and permanently affixed in place. The hook end at the lowering mechanism and the end that is squared off for the handle. Used a aluminum electrical plate on the side of the motorhome with the rod sticking out enough for the handle to slip on. Now I can lower and raise the spare wheel from the side of the motorhome. I do still have to crawl under the motorhome to retrieve the wheel. Never had a flat. Damn should not say that. When I get new tyres I have the best tire mounted as the spare. Darrel
  16. So sorry to hear of you loss.. This can be the inspiration for you to regain lost memories for you and your wife. Do it ,, she will be with you, ALWAYS. My brother passed away two years ago. He always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. My parents always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. This year I did that road trip to Alaska, and they were with me every second of the way. Darrel
  17. I used the walk through once and it almost was a stuck through. Darrel
  18. darrel

    Alaska 2017

    Mike, thanks for reading my posts glad you enjoyed photos. It does take more effort to post pictures and edit them when on the go. Yes that was the Polar Princess. Darrel
  19. This was my solution to the TV, Computer, and phone cords. Now after a 41/2 month road trip I did not use the TV, why do I have it.
  20. darrel

    Alaska 2017

    The Alaska road trip. Started this road trip on 6/10/17 and got home on 10/18/17. Drove 11,068 miles took 9 ferries for another 902 miles. Averaged 12.906 MPG. Best mileage was 16.51, worst was 10.405. About 860 gallons of gas. Went through Us and Canadian customs 7 times. One cracked windshield and many rock chips. Lost one bolt that secures the plastic cover which covers the rear axle hub. Bought new tires in Fairbanks. Now for the clean up, motorhome needs every inch inside and out cleaned. No mechanical problems. Met many fabulist people, saw mountains to the sea, bear, moose, caribou, deer, buffalo, mountain goats, big horn sheep, beaver, rabbit, grouse, ptarmigan, turkey, mice, owl, fish, musk ox, glaciers, coyote, wolf, mink, otter, whale, dolphin, otter, slugs, birds, there must be more. Forgot to add this, when I leave for an extended road trip the motorhome usually weighs in at 6800 to 6900 pounds. I weighed just before hitting home this time, full of gas, water and the two of us at 7450#. Guess we picked up toooooo many trinkets. Darrel
  21. darrel

    Alaska 2017

    Lots of rain makes trees grow tall and straight.
  22. darrel

    Alaska 2017

    Camping at Kelsey bay rv park. This park keeps us returning. Ocean view, electricity, water, sewer, very quiet, and 20 dollars. With exchange rate of 1.30 to one US dollar it's a bargain. The owners are very nice, forgot. Free firewood. Crab sandwich for breakfast.
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