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  1. My two cents worth. Guess I mean two gas cans worth. They each hold 2.5 gal. Only used them two times, both in Alaska between some long runs between fuel stations. 

    I can run 200 miles safely on the original tank. Usually I need a over night break by then.





  2. Linda nice that you remember us, we remember you also-in a good way.

    We encountered this road on a trip to Yellowknife, northwest territory Canada in 2008.

    Alaska was 2010 and 2017.

    We have been in some predicaments, found our way out, and enjoy the memories.


  3. No we only went down although it is a gravel road all the way. 

    The last picture is of the outhouse at a campground in Hagensborg, 10$ per night, free fire wood, and all the ripe cherriers we could eat.

    Can't beat that.


    canada trip 2008 055.JPG

    canada trip 2008 057.JPG

    canada trip 2008 058.JPG

    canada trip 2008 059.JPG

    canada trip 2008 056.JPG

    canada trip 2008 103.JPG

  4. Did this last year some time. We were running away from the smoke and heat. This year no smoke so far.

    Setting up camp for 4-5 weeks, fishing, crabbing, and not mowing the lawn.

    The boat will be tagging along as we did last year. We'll be on Ten Mile lake, Lakeside, Or. Anyone in the area stop by and saw "Hello".

    Darrel and Gun


  5. The valves under the shower pan to the left of your water heater should both be closed in order to pressurize the water system.

    they most likely will be leaking by now or soon will be. One is a drain for the water heater which drains above the gray holding tank. I had to replace all of my valves.

    This is the new-larger water tank I installed.







  6. Going to La Pine, Or for the 4th. Frontier Days kick off on the 3rd thru the 6th.

    Wondering if there is anyone in the area we could meet up with.

    I know this is short notice, we just decided to do this yesterday.  Picture is two years old.



  7. I'm not sure I like this internet tracking. Just got a feed from Walmart about the Bargman light. $50 free shipping for one light. I paid $50 for two.    If you go this rout save the plastic mounting frame between the body and light. Its no longer available. I sanded and painter it.  

    Yes they are LED.


  8. I have a 94 Warrior also.   these are the parts I have installed which you inquired about.

    The air bags I used are a bit of work to install, but anything different than what was there will have different install points. Glad I did, the old ones leaked.

    Go to a muffler shop and have a tailpipe fabricated. You may find out the rest of the exhaust system is also shot.

    The tail lights I got at AutoZone for about $50, they cost more now, that was  5 years ago.    They are Bargman part #47-84-005. I also installed a new flasher so the turn signal lights won't hyper flash.

    Hope this helps.    Darrel








  9. I posted this 2 years ago. My furnace would not ignite, everything worked but no fire. I built a manometer to check the gas pressure, it was good. Decides to pull the burner out and take a look. This is what I found, burned up in the flame area. Installed a new burner and it works great.

    I bought this furnace new in 2007 and used it a lot. 50,000 miles in a Dolphin then in my now Warrior total of 80,000 miles or so. Now another 20,000 miles and it works great.It burned the burner up. Just throwing this out.




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