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  1. Mechanic would just be to look over the truck and make sure there are no glaring issues (like any used car purchase), and diagnose anything that needs looking at. I'm prepared to do all the work on it myself with something like the John Muir guidebook and the vast quantity of online resources on the 22r. The camper part is indeed a blank slate as you mentioned, but that's something I see as a positive honestly. I've been wanting to do something like a van conversion for a long time anyway. I'm only worried about the truck being in worse mechanical condition than the owner lets on, and kn
  2. What kind of price do you think might be more reasonable? There aren't many for sale on the east coast to use as a point of reference, especially since everything is in such a different state of repair. I'd want a mechanic to check it out before buying. Since you are in the Triangle area, figured I'd ask if you know any local mechanics you have had success with for your Toyota.
  3. Being able to go out and see some of the countryside during this time of lockdowns and everything being closed makes the prospect of dry camping across America seem very appealing to me right now, especially with most other vacation opportunities out of the question. One Toyota motorhome near me has caught my eye, but I'm just wondering if there are any reasons to be cautious buying it. First off, I'm already prepared to do all of the work that I can do on my own to get the rv ready to go; the only kinds of things I would probably go see a mechanic for would be things I can't reasonable do
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