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  1. Here's another... https://baltimore.craigslist.org/rvs/d/woodbine-1991-toyota-winnebago-warrior/7115243204.html
  2. Whoa Linda! Thank you! I'm still shaking my head how you would have such breadth of knowledge around Toy Homes but gosh...I am grateful for the benefit I receive from that knowledge. I went back to the pics and wrote the VIN# down and will call customer service if the owner doesn't know. I believe he is the 2nd owner. Truck is in Missouri so I definitely wouldn't want to run into any problems heading back East. In looking at the pics, this model indicated a "V6 3.O EFI"...the engine listed on the recall/warranty info you provided was "3VZ-E". Is this a different engine altogeth
  3. Hey Guys... What say y'all on this one? https://stlouis.craigslist.org/rvs/d/bloomsdale-1990-toyota-class-rv/7108805668.html Said I could get it for 12,500.
  4. Right. Thanks guys for all the input. I appreciate being able to leverage the wealth of experience here.
  5. So...it is not a hot mess? These 17" wheels do have the adaptors that make all tires interchangeable in case of flat. "The wheels are 17” aluminum dually wheels off a 2015 Ford F350 wrapped in brand new Iron Man AT 245/75/17s with approximately 100mi on them. I had custom adapters made by Motorsport-Tech out of Nevada. The rear adapts the Toyota 1ton full float axle 6x7.25” lug pattern to the Ford 8x200mm lug pattern. The front adapts the Toyota 6x5.5” lug pattern to the Ford 8x200mm lug pattern. Originally, the truck had 14” dually wheels in the rear and standard Toyota pickup
  6. Also, ...the response from my questions about the axle: "About the axle, rest assured. Atlas has the proper full floating 1 ton axle and not the dangerous "foolie" axle. The proper axle can be easily identified by the 6" cylindrical shaped metal protruding from the middle of the lug nuts. This cylinder has bolts showing. The weak axle doesn't. The "foolie", or fake dually, is also called a semi-full float axle. It is common to 1/2 ton pickups of all makes and models. Many Toyota motorhome manufacturers simply put dually wheels on the 1/2 ton axle. The danger comes from too much wei
  7. Hey again folks, Here is the text that answers the Q's about the axle and other. I asked specific questions about the axle separate from this and was assured that the axle has been appropriately addressed. I'm hoping this makes sense to someone with knowledge. Seems to me like the seller has been very meticulous in his attention to detail. Thoughts? "I installed a Blazeland Long Travel kit on the front. It includes longer control arms, pushing the front tires three inches wider on each side. New Toyota T100 CV axles, new Heavy Duty torsion bars, new MOOG ball joints, ne
  8. Hmmmm. Can you explain more about the center of gravity/speed concerns? Im sure its a physics thing but...what are the practical things I should be concerned. Its important for me to have eyes wide open. I do have a local mechanic obsessed with older japanese engines but...he's not been around because of covid. if i can get his read on whether he thinks he can do the ongoing maintenance that could work. What other ongoing maintenance concerns might I have beyond regular fluid/hose changes? Not trying to be dense here...I just really don't know. Perhaps I may be better off gettin
  9. Hey Folks... Here's the link for the beauty: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOnEGx5PuXjAt1sNL4M0toqhlDVfAVHkYwrkGh_ChIINywNj65RqsIdXME54bge-A?key=M2tTRDdjXzJfLWkwTWRyd3FhY1o0S2l4cjcxS013 Guy selling it has done a lot of work to it. Lots. I'm awaiting the tranny and turbo installs and planning to get it in July if all goes well. In the meanwhile, I have a lot to think about. But ...what say y'all?
  10. Can't find the Toy listed for sale on this site. Would the person who saw the ad please paste it in the discussion? Please and thank you!
  11. Yes, y'all are right. I DON'T know the half of it. It is I think a more emotional than practical attachment. I'm going to poke around on the site for the one for sale that you mentioned. I missed out on a really nice dolphin cause I've been in a haze over this sunrader. The previous owner has done A LOT of detailed improvements to it though.
  12. Thanks y'all. Suspension has all been done over, new tranny and turbo. Pretty low miles for a 22re. Really thinking this through. The reasons listed above are all true for me: collectors value (can resell ...at a loss but still maintain increased value with reno), cool factor (i'm guilty)...and usability. i love the versatility of it..the offload capability, the smart design...i could go on. Still tho...30k and the inside is ratty. It would take a lot of effort to get it usable and...I don't have the skills or tools. I also love that its a reliable motor, more fuel efficient too.
  13. Hey Folks! I've recently fallen in love with an '86 18' original 4x4 for sale. It's got a lot of bells and whistles but its pretty expensive. In fact, I'm embarrassed to even share what I'm considering paying for it. I can get a LOT cheaper and newer RV for the price. I just need a sense of the market from experienced folks. 30K is the ask. The guts and bones seem real strong but the inside is ratted out and would have to go. Please share candidly.
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