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  1. Does anyone know where to get the glazing bead for the outside window 1983 sunrader there are two sizes on my windows looking to replace all of it if anyone has bought some and knows where to buy it and really appreciate it thank you very much have a blessed day and God bless America
  2. Anyone looking for a parts sunrader for sale Asheville North Carolina Craigslist $950
  3. Wouldn't be worried so much about the fiberglass I would be more worried about the sparks flying on the plexiglass windows they will stick and run them they will also run a front windshield they will melt into it I personally would do aluminum much lighter and for the space you're in it seems more logical just get aluminum Mig gun and hook it to your MIG welder with aluminum you can also rivet
  4. Yeah, I will be using this 85. Fuel injection sand blaster frame get the dually on the back little lift kit
  5. Just bought a 1983. Sunrader 18ft It's in really bad shape inside. Motor has only fifty-eight thousand miles. I worked in the RV business. And Elkhart, Indiana for 30 years I live in Tennessee now. I have 7 Toyota trucks. From the 80s This is my first encounter with one of these are very hard to find here. It still has the five lug on the back. I am thinking about taking 1983 four-wheel drive frame and start getting it ready. To throw the six lug axle on the back Can anyone tell me? Did they do modifications to add the four-wheel drive? Or was it just a regular 4 wheel drive frame?
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