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  1. That compartment holds the propane tanks under the back bench. I would have to look back in my records, but i dont believe the previous owner was Steve.
  2. When i went to thread in the brake line it stripped out the flare nut. When i looked up the part number on Dormans website it lists the part for Toyota 1-ton, but 3/8-24 port thread. https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-25723-w37654.aspx The wheels appear to be custom 6 lug steel wheels.
  3. Yes, it was upgraded to the full float. I kinda assumed the drum brakes and hard lines to the "T" union were all part of the rear end upgrade correct? If it was a Toyota full float axle, wouldnt all the brake fittings be Metric? Or were there various rear ends uses for these upgrades?
  4. Thanks for putting this parts list together...used it to rebuild my rear brakes recently. I decided to just change out everything since it requires some work to get into the drums. I did notice one thing with the Rear Wheel Cylinder - Dorman W37654. They appear to be a exact match except for the brake line port. W37654 has US thread 3/8-24, but all the brake flare fittings on the camper are all Metric 10mm-1.0. They will thread in but easily crossthread. Has anyone else run into this issue? I am going to cut the lines and switcth the flare fittings to US thread instead of rem
  5. Rebuilding my rear brakes. Does anyone have/reccomend any part numbers for the shoes, rebuild kit and wheel cylinder for the full floating axle? Did a quick internet search but thought this comunity would probably have a better answer for me. Thanks for the help.
  6. Where did you get the seal? Would like to do mine before the winter. Thanks,
  7. Thanks. When I'm back with the rig ill check it out, but i believe we have the same style. The help is always appreciated. BTW this Idaho trip was the first time I have tested what the Sunrader can do off road. I was quite impressed of how capable the truck is even with the weight/higher center of gravity. 4 low pulls really well over rocks and up steep/rough terrain. Cheers
  8. Can you share a photo of yours? Is it the radiator style cap or the plastic threaded cap. I believe the one that came on my Sunrader was not vented, but I need to do more research.
  9. WME, Looks like you may have found what I need. The filler neck and cap seem to utilize more of a vented radiator style cap. I bought one of the Stant/Gates gas caps at my local auto store but they don't stay on. I am going to check out the Motorad cap as it looks similar to what was previously on there. Thanks for the help, ill report back.
  10. The filler neck is actually not the threaded kind but the style that uses the twist lock cap. I can supply a photo if needed. Thanks,
  11. Left my gas cap on a pump in idaho. 1986 18' Sunrader. I saw there was a thread about locking caps, but anyone know of a part number to replace the cap that came with the rig? I believe it should be vented but may be wrong. The max diameter it can be is 33mm i believe or else it wont fit inside the neck. Tried a couple auto parts stores and they did not have any in stock that fit properly. Thanks,
  12. Never did update on my suspension work. Thank you Linda for the rec to go to Sacramento Spring. They hooked me up with all new custom leaf springs for a fraction of what I would have paid to have them custom made and shipped out. Now it is all leveled out and back to factory ride height. We ditched that rear sway bar between the springs as well, put on new tires and man its like driving a new car. This weekend im going to rebuild the rest of the front suspension and steering linkage, i have most of the parts collected. Then its on to the inside. Ill be back to look for some ad
  13. I agree with the advice given above, pass on this one unless you are looking for a project rig that you can work on yourself. Modified cars can end up being a pain to maintain. I own a 4x4 sunrader and love it, but older cars are constantly needing TLC. I luckily have access to a full fabrication and repair shop at work so we can do the work ourselves, otherwise I would have never bought it.
  14. Cool. I guess I'm looking for Make/model that individuals here know is an easy swap into a 84 truck cab. I work in a machine shop so making/modifying brackets and welding is no problem.
  15. Dropped the sunrader off at Sacramento Spring this morning for a suspension overhaul. I’m excited about then results, and will update when complete. Moving on to another topic. Anyone here have any recommendations for swapping out the front seats? Looking to upgrade to something more comfortable for long drives.
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