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  1. Thank you all for the help. I’m in somewhat of a quandary. I’ve tried everything to fix the damn leaks to no success. Haven’t tried lining it yet as suggested. One shop ”fixed” it to the tune of $900 and it started leaking again two weeks later. I still need to settle that account but that’s a different state. Would just like to get a new tank but I do realize the 29 gallon tank is somewhat of a unicorn. Argh!
  2. Linda: S. hi again. My 29 gallon gas tank problems have come to a head snd I’m asking the shop to put in a new tank. I have a 84 Nissan Sunrader. Would you confirm that this link you mentioned will fit on my rig. The shop is staying they can find no options. https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-fuel-tank-assy~17202-11g00.html
  3. Linda S. so I've still got the leak and the gas tank you recommended is out of stock. Any idea where I can find a tank to replace my, what seems to be, 29 gal. tank in 1984 Nissan Sunrader? I'm over trying to patch it with products. Doesn't last/work. Thx!
  4. Btw, one of the two trouble area looks like this fixed. I did the repair with the tank full. I found if I rubbed ivory soap on the micro crack it would stop leaking even after vigorously sanding the area. So I was able to apply the "Seal All" to a dry surface. I thought I try "Seal All" first then if it leaks down the road try JB weld next.
  5. Yea, it's definitely a low spot. Clearance is not her strong suit. Like 5 3/4". Might ultimately be why I have micro cracks. One too many dings?
  6. My tank dimensions are 38" L x 13. 5" W x 14" H Online volume calculator gives 31 gallons as capacity. But tank is not a true rectangle so definitely less than that. But I could see it being the 29 gallon one, maybe?
  7. Thank you Linda. That is such a find! I recently sealed it as suggested. Seems good to far, but expect it to be temporary. If it starts leaking again soon I'll go the new tank route. Question about the new tank you found. So I have 1984 Nissan Sunrader on a 720 2.4L pickup. And new tank description says it fits, but will it fit the Sunrader on that pickup? How can I be sure? My present tank seems more rectangular and "right angle-y". The new one seems a tad different, will that matter? Will it be a simple plug 'n play?
  8. So, the leaks are on the bottom of the tank. Micro cracks. No gaping wound. Just immediately gets humid after wiping, so you can see it's point of origin. But not see the micro crack. For a leak of this nature does the fiberglass cloth serve a purpose? If so what purpose is it serving?
  9. No, it seriously regains its normal power if I just put a tad of pressure on the clutch. I'm talking 1/4" depression that's it. Not half way or anything like that. And the power difference is palpable. Say you are in third gear, If I don't do it, I get zero pop when I hit the accelerator, nothing, just bogs down. No power. When I do it, I now have the pop I know the rig has in third gear (OK, not pop, only 4 gerbils, but you know what I mean). It'll drive normally. If I do it. It is not simply reving higher (I have a aftermarket tach). I'd recognize that.
  10. 1984, Nissan Sunrader in 720 2.4L. New clutch installed by reputable shop 800 miles ago. I am now noticing a loss of power in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gear almost like it is bogging down or driving on only a couple cylinders. Quite by chance I noticed that the problem goes away if I depress the clutch ever so slightly. Power returns. I now have to drive with my foot sitting on the clutch, with just a bit of weight on it. Lift foot, bogs down. Whatever it is, seems like it should be obvious, but the web is not full of answers on this one, tho it is hard to ask correctly to get good hits. Any ideas anyone?
  11. I really loved the soap reply. I was like yhgtbsm! That led me down some interweb rat holes where I learned more about my dilemma. Below are three links to lively conversations and a video (could that be you jjrbus?). Summary: 1) soap works in a pinch, is temporary, will work with gas spilling out. 2). Seal All and JB weld are better fixes but again don't expect it to be forever. 3) bubble gum mixed with gas makes napalm https://www.s10forum.com/threads/has-anyone-ever-used-ivory-soap-to-stop-a-tank-leak.480326/ https://www.ttora.com/threads/ivory-soap-on-a-gas-tank.75551/
  12. And could you do it with the tank full? So that area would be a humid with gas/fume, but not really wet. Just asking cuz emptying gas tank is something I am not looking forward to doing.
  13. So fiberglass cloth with fiberglass epoxy will bond and seal against the sanded metal (iron) of the industrial-looking gas tank? Just want to makes sure I'm on the same page (sometimes I'm reading a completely different book)
  14. I've got 2 micro cracks on our 1984 Nissan Sunrader's 21 gal. steel (iron?) gas tank. Leaks super slow. No drips. But always damp. Been living with it but needs repair. 1) is that type of thing fixable? 2) does anyone have any experience fixing such things? Might you share some learning? 3) If a new gas tank is the only solution where does one get one?
  15. Thanks to all who have chimed in. It's nice knowing you are on my side. MOALASKA, you are spot on. Our rig had 90k on it when she blew. Present update is the mechanic is gonna try to fix the top end and not replace the motor. He is also recommending a new clutch cuz of vibrations he feels. Clutch wasn't on my radar, but at this point I'm really desperate to get our home back, so I said go ahead and do that too. Quote is $3,500. Prly high, but one finds oneself between a rock and a hard place and 600 miles from home.
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