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  1. Sorry donttread, just saw your request. Will post pics as soon as I get home to the motorhome. We used the tank twice on our Idaho/ Oregon trip when main tank got low, and once filled the second tank at the OR border to avoid CA gas prices. And the tank is from an 87 Blazer, not 97. Very happy with the system, PO was pretty handy.
  2. Belt kit in, test drive successful. Mechanic ended up being very happy with the Aisin quality. Mitsuboshi belts same as original. I was happy with mechanic; he was less than half the price of the dealership lol.
  3. Nice list and thanks for posting. I'm sure we'll need some of the info, but hopefully later rather than sooner
  4. Thanks to all. Aisin kit delivered tonorrow, guess I'll stick with it. Internet reviews for other makes and models have been favorable. Mechanic was concerned about quality I think, given that belt, water pump, etc are included for $160 shipped.
  5. New owners of '91 Spirit, SLC UT. About to head out to Oregon for first long trip.
  6. Hi all new to us owners of a '91 Spirit, 59k, and have it scheduled for timing belt replacement. I ordered the Aisin kit (about $160), but mechanic pushed for dealer kit because of warranty. Twice the price however. Any opinions if double the price worth getting the Toyota kit? Ty in advance for any input. I looked pretty hard, didnt see this brought up in previous threads, so apologies if its been covered.
  7. We just bought a 91 Spirit, and previous owner installed a tank from a 97 Blazer that, when you flip a toggle near the console, siphons gas into the main. Only used it once, but worked great. We may not always fill it, given weight considerations, but good for remote travel I'm hoping. Just joined, looking forward to learning from the experts.
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