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  1. ModocMade


    any models your fond of? I see a $32 Amazon Choice - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PYVNJ2Z/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1O0AZVSLD8MY&psc=1 -
  2. ModocMade


    I'm having trouble with your link above. I'll sort it out on a computer later. I filled my tank and this regulator(I think it's a regulator) is leaking from the gash in it.
  3. Anyone ever repair cracked or hole' shrouds?
  4. ModocMade


    I don't know for sure if leaks or replacement. I'd like to test. If I fill tank then switch fridge to lpg, is there indicators letting you know it's working? I didn't know if my fridge was working till 12 hours later of having it plugged in.
  5. Not Tacoma. Tacoma's started in 1995. I think yours is like most of ours, Toyota pickup. Your registration should say model name.
  6. Congrats!. Do you got more pics to post? I've had good luck with finding Toyota parts related to the pickup model that it is. Meaning, I did not have to do any special/custom ordering. I've only worked on the fuel lines, tank, pump, filters, plugs and keys. I've not had to work on the rear-end. I did pickup some airlift air bags that are different than what Toyota and Dolphin produced.
  7. ModocMade


    I tested the fridge with electricity and it WORKS!!! Whats my next step to testing the LPG? Fill the tank or replace lines/gauges/valves, then fill tank?
  8. I'm interested and i'm in Orange County Huntington Beach area. Whats the condition of the sofa? can you post pics?
  9. I don't think these homes are safe from side or rear impaxt. My 87 Dolphin Walls are made of mostly thin, cheap material. I do plan on putting in better seatbelts in the camper area.
  10. PerfecTech RV 19 LED Trailer Tail Lights Red White-Amber Integrated Turn Signal Running Lamp for ATV Truck (12V)2PCS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019XL2YIM/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_onZxDb9P211HD
  11. My TMH had bad bulbs in all the lights, so instead of replacing them, I picked up some $14 Amazon ones and made a black plastic, mount then sanded and painted the bracket. I need to find nice flush screws and seal them, but they'll work for now.
  12. WME, Could you post some pics? I'm looking to do vynl as well, but not sure if I'll do the underlayment. Cynxing, Heres some shots of my 87 Dolphin. I've pulled most carpet. I've pulled one bench/bed and will run vynl under it. I'll pull the second bench as well, since its much easier for me to get the carpet out. I won't/haven't removed cabinets with fridge, stove/sink areas. I've been cutting along the edge in those spots and its a BISCUIT.
  13. These old bags look offset to outside of frame. Is that optical illusion? Will the airlift 5000 be directly under the frame?
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