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  1. Hey All, I just replaced my sparkplug wires on my 1989 Dolphin V6 3VZE. I found this wire hanging down between the distributor and engine. It went down to the alternator, but I didn't see another piece that it would connect to. Everything runs fine. Measured the alternator; it reads 14.0 volts. I didn't do the damage. It looks like it was done a while ago. What do you guys think? Thanks. BTW, Denso 671-6173 wires fit perfectly.
  2. Hey, are those Onan 2500 easy to repair/replace? Are parts easy to come by? Thanks.
  3. Update: Went with the Walker 80941. It FITS PERFECTLY! Make sure you spray some penetrating oil on those super old bolts. Had one bolt stripped. Also, I PASSED my smog check with flying colors. The difference in measurement is day/night. The 02 sensor was also replaced...Denso 234-4051. Thanks everyone!
  4. Update: I went with the Denso 234-4051. Perfect fit. Comes with a very nice gasket. Works great! Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks Everyone. I went with the Walker 80941. It's on RockAuto for a little less, and they can ship faster than Amazon by a week. I measured my old catalytic converter, and it measures about 17ish inches. I think it is the closest to a direct fit I can find. I'll keep everyone posted. Cheers!
  6. Hey All, Just failed smog. Looking to replace my catalytic converter. Is there a direct fit version that is not from the stealership? I am thinking I would need one of those universal fit kind. Any help would be appreciated. Will definitely report back on my project. Camper has the 3.0 V6 if that matters. Thanks.
  7. Hey All, Looking for the part # for an O2 sensor. 1989 Dolphin with V6 3.0VZE engine. Old one has 4 wires. Thought this would be easy, but it's not. Visited all the auto sites, eBay, and Amazon. It shows me an O2 sensor, but when I click on it/them it will say, "part does not fit your vehicle." BTW, looking to use Denso. Any help would be appreciated. Will definitely report back on the project. I am thinking of using this one, Denso # 234-4052 which I saw used on a 93 pickup. What do you think? Amazon said it will not fit.
  8. Hey Everyone, I kind of have the same problem. But mine turns off after a few minutes. I am plugging it to my house. I also just added a "Micro Air Easy Start." Also, I disconnected that little black capacitor because the micro air easy start requires it. Any thoughts? Does anyone know the exact model of this AC? Mine looks identical. Thanks.
  9. Hey Everyone, Had my Dometic 2410 fridge working on shore power for a week. It was great. But now it doesn't work. All fuses/circuit breakers are fine. There is power at the electrical box. Fridge is 2010 and had the heater element replaced in 2017. The only thing I can think of is the thermostat or control box. There seems to not be any power going through that white, Lego connector (circled in red) which I believe connects to the circuit box (circled in green). 1. Anyone know what would cause this circuit box to not energize the contacts? Is there a fuse/relay that t
  10. Interesting idea. Has anyone done it? Any leads?
  11. Hey People, Checkout what I just picked up in San Diego. I plan to do a tune-up soon. Where do you guys get your OEM parts? Is there a vendor in particular that works with our community that you can recommend? Thanks and I will keep you posted on my tune-up and modifications.
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