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  1. The cheaply made plastic fresh water tank drain valves on our Dolphin RV seem to last only a couple of years. The sun seems to degrade them fairly rapidly. If we have them replaced at a shop, it usually costs over $100 and the part costs maybe five dollars. I thought it would be great to find a stainless steel replacement for the plastic valve. Has any one ever found a stainless steel valve replacement?
  2. It sounds like the valve is defective. It would be good to have the valve replaced and have the tank and valve recertified. I have heard that propane tanks are certified to hold propane for a given number of years; usually ten years. Propane tanks are not supposed to refilled when the certification period is over.
  3. I'm trying to replace the old horizontal propane tank with one thats permanently mounted under the rv. Has any body done this before? Is there room for it?
  4. It looks like the tank was meant to be operated horizontally. I don't think it will deliver propane properly in a vertical position.
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