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  1. I found this and the measurements all seem right. I am thinking of ways to attach it to the Sunrader. Any thoughts? http://jammyinc.com/products/j-243/ Also see the attached drawing for views of the back.
  2. Hi can you tell me where you obtained the aluminum plates for your Sunrader tail lights?  Thank you

  3. I am trying to reconnect the driver's side tail light wiring. I took the passenger side off to compare. There seems to be wires missing as one side had a green and red wire and the other does not. I want to replace the wiring and can see where it enters the bottom of the RV. I have tried to push and pull but the wires are completely stuck in something. That something is holding the wires and sealing the hole quite well. Has anyone replaced the wiring to the tail lights? Also, any suggestions how to remove what is plugging the hole?
  4. We are curious as to how people are installing the garage door seals. We bought one but it does not look anything like the seal on our Sunrader. Can someone elaborate?
  5. Linda would you happen to know where the switch might be for the porch light?
  6. Linda you are awesome. Could the water have damaged the fiberglass much? I t does not seem to, but there is a foam like substance between fiberglass that feels very wet and soft.
  7. Well we have owned the Sunrader a little over 4 weeks. It has rained numerous times and we have not seen any leaks. That is until today. There was a small puddle in the floor under the air conditioner, which by the way was not running. We have removed the ceiling fabric and can feel dampness. Has anyone had issues like this and how serious could it be?
  8. Mine is the East coast version. I got automotive seam sealer to fill in the holes in the floorboard.
  9. Today I began the remodel of our 1987 Sunrader. I knew the carpet in the cab area was house carpet and wanted it gone asap. I did not however know the method for fastening it down. This makes me a little irritated. Someone used screws to fasten the carpet to the floorboard. The screws went through. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?! I just started the driver's side and have removed over 30 screws. Any thoughts on filling the holes?
  10. You are correct. That is the problem. They have a silicone part and a hard plastic part. It would be perfect were it not for the hard plastic. (see pic) also, we would like to remove all windows and butyl tape them as well. Have you been able to find new gasekts for them? I was looking at the top of the truck cab where it meets the camper. I am not sure what is supposed to be there, but it appears to have a slight gap.
  11. Linda here is the link. In the morning I will take a picture of it on the door frame and you will see that it is an almost perfect match. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A3IBA2G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Hey Linda, thank you. It looks as if the gas filler neck was just caulked around. I would like to remove and re-install it correctly. Also, the seal around the door and the fender flares needs replacing. Have you been able to find a suitable replacement? I looked at a shower door seal and it is almost identical except it is not all rubber.
  13. Hello, I went through three pages of forum discussions on caulk and only found one recommendation. That was dicor. Is this the caulk that most use for their Sunrader? Thank you
  14. I checked and it has 6 lugs.
  15. Hello all! We bought the Sunrader this weekend in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. We had to be back on Tuesday for work but we sure had fun on this small outing. We are the proud owners of this beauty! We plan on remodeling and updgrading with solar panels, led lights, etc.
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