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  1. I have a 1978 sunrader what I did was redone head put a weber38 carb and a header and 2 inch exhaust, it has more power and is noticeable and I can pick up speed going up hill,but is still not a whole bunch of power ,it is not cheap to do.
  2. I just bought one from the link above and installed it it is a exact match works great thanks for the info
  3. I have owned my sunrader for 12 years I have seen one camping I have seen one in town and their is one in a barn down the road from me these are sunrader. I see other makes once in awhile but not many ,I live in northern Michigan
  4. Just replaced tie rods and idler arm and pitman arm, does any body have a good method to align front? Seen a lot on internet and they use strings they line up with rear tires but the mh has dually tires.i can't seem to post pics. I set error 200.
  5. Thank for the info raderned ,I do have 6 bolt hubs, their is a way to put them on a past member did his you have to modify the the brake rotors drill the six holes in them,if you could get rotors with no holes it would be great.the 5 bolt rotors are thinner than six bolt and would fit over the calipers
  6. I would be interested in buying a pair let me know thanks brian
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