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  1. This is what I did, just measured & cut a 3/4 inch plyboard and then I fiberglassed the wood. I shouldn't have a problem with rotten wood now! I don't have a final pic of what it currently looks like as I'm not with my RV atm. Hope this helps tho.
  2. I'll gracefully decline. I'll go your 2nd route and bring my old one to an auto part store. I've got the 22re. I'm afraid I'd end up in your same scenerio and be sitting on one I'm unable to use and we'd start this whole cycle back here!! Sandune24, definitely PM Neilp and get the upgrade done! I know nobody behind me was able to see me braking or blinking in the daylight with my previous lights. Happy to be hedging on the safety side of things now. Thanks again Neilp!
  3. Hey there, I just recently upgraded my rear lights to LED and am in the market for one of those flashers to get everything working again. My RV is a 1986 Toyota Sunrader. I'm not really asking for a freebie on a $7 part, that's really nice of you though. I think mine is a three prong unit and have been researching which one to purchase. I'm not near my RV currently so can't check what ones in it. Would you suggest the EP34? i know my hazards work but not the blinker by itself. I suppose with your 2nd link, I just have to pull the current one and find the exact replica. If anything I'm grateful for that link, haha. Thank you.
  4. I own a 86 Sunrader. I bought mine down in Miami, FL. I still to this day open up searchtempest and type in the RV section "Toyota RV" and scour Craigslist looking. They still pop up!
  5. Hey there, just upgraded my converter in my sunrader and wondering what do people do with their old ones? Just trash it?
  6. Ohhh I'd love to see the manuals please. I've got a 1986 sunrader. Thanks in advance. 🙂
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