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  1. Wanted to start a thread hoping to find the best youtube channels about traveling and more specifically in a van or motorhome. I have a couple I like to watch which I will add once we get the list going.
  2. What was your favorite part about the Dinosaur National Park? Have you ever been to the La Brea tar pits and how would you compare the two experiences? Thanks for the great picks. Those dinosaur bones look so cool.
  3. Why not just put motion sensitive security cameras in the RV that message your phone / email when something is going on. They are super cheap nowadays and there are lots of options. You could put a snake sticker on the side of the camera
  4. If you are really going to take your time I would base your trip around the places and landmarks you want to see most. Great trips are not really about the route but what you get to see and opportunities for the memories you get to make? What are your favorite hobbies? What types of activities do you like to experience? I would my driving route to some of the answers to those questions.
  5. What types of activities does the campground offer? What type of attractions or landmarks are in the nearby vicinity? Always wanted to go to Myrtle Beach and may have to check this site out. Sounds serene and peaceful.
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