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  2. Just to be clear about the power. A 22R gas engine would have a HP of 97. The L4 diesel has a HP of 83. That is a very big difference when you've got a house on your back. Linda S Correction you have the tiny diesel. They top out at an insanely low 62 HP.
  3. “Mintage”... that’s a new one for me, but I like it, haha! Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, but I’d probably be running a gen off the back bumper to power the roof AC, with a fan or two to push the air up front. Awful handy to have one of those along anyways, and it won’t tax your little diesel.
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  5. Diesels are cool but an AC is going to be a big drag on it's power any install is going to be custom read big bucks. Get where you are going and plug in!
  6. Linda, thanks for your comments. What I have found is that a vehicle of this mintage (1983) needs some additional skill to install an air conditioning unit. A couple of places said that there is not a correct mounting bracket for the compressor so they couldn't help. At the same time, I found a lot of places that would service an air conditioning unit but not install it. I did find a place in Texas (AC Solutions) that said that they can provide all the components, and the installer would have to use a universal bracket which would require drilling some holes in it to fit (not a big deal fo
  7. Would like to see the kit that was recommended. If it is the correct one any mechanic that does AC work should do. Check references and google and Yelp ratings sometimes are spot on. Linda S I just found an awesome plumber that way.
  8. great deals. I did have similar PTMS installed 3 years ago. It works great and give me a piece of mind. Mine also has temp. display. Only down side is batt. needs repl. every 1.5 - 2 yr. cheap and easy compared to those OEM internal TPMS sensors
  9. Hi Linda! Thanks so much, our Toyota camper family has helped us out so much and we're happy to offer it as long as we possibly can. If we ever need to stop producing I will definitely post an update here & elsewhere. Best, Hannah
  10. Linda, thanks for your response. The coach has air-conditioning. The cab(where the driver/passenger sits) needs air-conditioning.
  11. Thank you for posting these. I'm sure there are plenty of people here who need them . Linda S Please repost if and when you stop making them. Time changes things and I've had people trying to get responses from posts years old
  12. It begs asking if you have the kidnapped leprechaun hidden inside of your motorhome somewhere. If not please let me know if you sold it for that much and if so I'll sell you mine for half of that price if you can double it for yourself. other words please I'm interested to know just what is so special about this motorhome that it's going for so much because my 1984 Toyota dolphin is an absolute mint condition and when I say mint I really mean mint and I paid $7500.
  13. Nam

    For Sale

    $28.5K ??? unheard of
  14. Yea the axle looks strong,but its the mounting that's the problem. If you look at the spring clamp u bolts you can see where one is rubbing against the brackets and that its moving sideways. An axle moving sideways going around corners is not a good plan. The problems I see from the photos are, that the tag axle is setup with a quarter elliptic spring that is designed/mounted wrong, The mechanical problems are broken airbag, broken shock mount. These last 2 are relatively easy to fix. Are there brakes on the tag, if yes what kind, electric or hydraulic?
  15. Howdy yotafriends ~ I wanted to give ya a shout since we posted this up on TMC on Facebook. We are 3D printing the long lost weep hole covers at our design studio! We're passionate about keeping it open source so if you have a 3D printer or a friend with one I'm including a link to the .stl file for free download here ~ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4756312 We're producing them in sets of 4 with a price break if you buy 12 or 16. Our Sunrader has 16 total. Details in
  16. That’s a neat setup. The axle looks plenty strong. I was expecting something like a half axle setup. I’m curious as to the function of the yellow shocks.
  17. That is bizarre. The leaf spring to the tag axle isn't used as a spring, but as a control arm. The short yellow shock by the air spring where does it go?? Looks like the upper mount is the rusty hole in the frame. I don't see anything that is acting as a panhard rod
  18. Here’s some more pictures without wheel off, I will post some tomorrow when I get back to my shop
  19. All the motorhome manuals have limited amount of information but here is one from 1985 1985 Dolphin Owners Manual.pdf When new these motorhomes came with individual manuals for each appliance. Most of those old manuals can be found here. You need to find the model numbers of your appliances Owners Manuals (bryantrv.com) Even if it's not the exact same model the information is still helpful to know how to use them. Linda S
  20. The Toyota factory 6 bolt dually rim has a huge off set. The factory front hubs have a 6/6 adapter that is sized to let the dually rim center the tire. There is a unicorn factory 5/6 adapter. I used the C&C adapter on my own rig and with a 6 hand hold rim, it fit perfect.
  21. Hi I could really use a copy of these if still available please let me know you may email or text me at 2093293842 thanks Christine
  22. Not necessarily. The later homes that came with the ff axle and 6 lug front wheels uses a different hub system. Made to accommodate the 6 lug wheel with the proper offset. The older 5 lug hubs leave little room for adjustment. Your wheel and tire need to fit completely inside the fender. I have 8 lug wheels on the back of my rig. I carry (1) 8 lug and (1) 5 lug for the front as spares. The 5 to 8 lug adapter pushes the wheel out too far, so useless to me. I would much rather carry just one spare for both axles but can’t do it in this case. You can try it with the adapters but if it d
  23. Fred, I suppose that I should have said that the spare 6 lug wheel that I have was from a dually Sunrader so it should compensate for the 2" buildout of the adapter on the front. Yes???
  24. Last week
  25. Be sure to check your fender clearance with the adapter in place. Most aluminum adapters add 2” to each front hub. Your 6 bolt spare may also have an unusual offset that could affect clearance. I carry two spares for this very reason. Not a lot of clearance on those front fenders. Adapters are usually non returnable. Could be an expensive exercise if it doesn’t work. Personally, keep the new tire as backup. Or if you have a 5 lug spare tire, mount it on the 5 lug rim.
  26. WME, thanks for the suggestions. I am fortunate to have a spare 6 lug wheel and am going with your suggestion #2. I contacted C&C Wheel and talked to a nice lady (Susan) who tells me that the 5 to 6 lug aluminum adapter will be $198 plus shipping. (Unfortunately the fellow that makes them up is out sick right now.)
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