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Triad Utrad TU-730-2 Converter / Charger

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#1 gmichaelz


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 09:14 AM

My Old 87 Conquest ToyHome which I purchased in July 2009 came equipped with a Triad Utrad TU-730-2 Converter / Charger. It also came with a coach battery which was completely dried InterState Deep Cycle Mega-Tron Marine #34 battery. This battery will not hold a charge over 6 volts, so it is to be used on the next purchase of a replacement deep cycle #34 coach battery. The reason that this battery did not receive proper maintenance is because it is stowed inside the camper, near the front of the L/R fender well, inside a closed case which is vented outside on the side of the ToyHome. Which requires the removal of the sofa from the coach to enable access to the case retaining bolts and enable enough clearance to remove the top of the battery holder case, then to remove the battery from the coach to test and add distilled water to make up for evaporated loss while hooked to shore power. Not wanting to spend $160 on a replacement NAPA Deep Cycle Marine Battery and also possibly fry it. My current test to this 12 volt DC system is that I unplugged this converter / charger from my Shore AC power source then I installed a fully charged spare starting battery.

I am single and rarely stay inside the coach except to sleep, or rainy days to read. I eliminated the sleeper pull out sofa and am replacing it with 3/4" plywood to be used for my mountain bike and assorted gear, tools, and other plastic totes filled with supplies. No it does not look as inviting to enter as that highly uncomfortable sofa, but it works for me. These ToyHomes are just too shy of sufficient storage space, and as storage increases, living space decreases which gives a cramped feeling for an extended outing. By removing the sofa entirely, I can now physically check the electrolyte level of the this coach battery much more frequently.

I am of the belief that my TU-730-2 converter is a ferro resonant style converter which is a constant voltage design which supplies 14.1 volts DC with no load or on a fully charged coach battery, which should not overcharge the battery but will cause a lot of water to be evaporated when hooked to shore power for extended times. Especially if the battery has a weak cell. Meaning frequent distilled water additions. Something which was not done by the previous owner. To minimize the time which this charger actually works while attached to shore power I plan on installing an on / off switch to interrupt the constant charging while camped and attached to shore power. I do not desire to access this unit which is also stored under the previous sofa location and unplug it when it has recharged my coach battery.

My questions:

1.) Is there a potentiometer on this TU-730-2 to further reduce the charger output to that of a trickle charger?
2.) Since this unit does not supply clean power, is noisy and gets hot. Should I simply replace this bullet proof antiquated unit with a PD 9130 30 Amp unit? Or any other recommended converter / Charger such as Parallex Power RU7300 Series?

Enjoying Life in the Slow Lane, Michael Z

#2 Maineah


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 02:59 PM

Yes, you will be glad you did. You might contact bestconverter.com he may have a kit for your present converter they are a nice outfit to deal with. A 40 or 45 amp is less then $10 more then a 35 I would go for the 45 amp. The newer ones are quiet no hum no hash and are 3 stage chargers.

#3 futar



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 08:07 PM

One or two manufacturers make the batteries for most brands.
The biggest manufacturer that re-brands is Johnson Controls.
What this means is that Walmart Everstart brand costs twice as much under someone else brand name.
Walmart has the lowest price and the best warranty for deep cycle batteries.
I paid about $65 for a size 29 deep cycle at Walmart.

#4 gmichaelz


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Posted 13 September 2009 - 08:51 PM

Gentlemen: Thanking You Both, Maineah and Futar, for your thoughtful replies. Took a break today from the Toyhome. Worked on two of my cars, changed oil & filters, rotated eight tires, visually inspected entire drive trains.
Enjoying Life in the Slow Lane, Michael Z

#5 bobnollie



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Posted 11 December 2009 - 08:08 AM

Yep...Walmart's the way to go for the new battery. You won't be needing to add water to your new sealed deep cycle battery but I would not leave the charger on constantly. I have a timer on mine to let it charge for no more than 4 hours a night when stored. I did however, improve on the venting system for my battery by adding a 12 volt, 1 inch, ultra-quiet, computer fan inside the outer vent plate. The fan is wired to the ignition wiring to run when the motor home is running/charging, plus a small 110vac to 12 volt DC "wall wart" supply hooked to the 110vac in to the coach charger. Power from the two DC sources is isolated by a diode to prevent the ignition from receiving any power when the unit is on shore power. Now all I need for my Horizon is a V8 engine.....LOL. Later good buddy.

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