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Lee & Joan

LED Tail Lights & Backup Lights

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Somehow this reminds me of my Dads old 1958 Ford "Interceptor" tail lights. The red leds came 4 to a pack for 26$. The backup lights mounted on the black metal stand aimed down and outward were 12$. The plastic mounting panel Plexiglass was 12$. The tail lights are wired so that all 4 are running lights, the two outer ones are also turn signals and the two inner ones are also brake lights.

I also have a 10 watt LED spot light inside the back window at the top center left & the backup camera (always on when driving and with the view screen clipped over my rear view mirror in the cab) is in window at the top right. It has a white PVC sun shield mounted on the outside of the glass window while the camera is inside the wndow.

We are now 100% LED inside and out with HID headlights.






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Bob C   

You can light up a good piece of property behind you with those back-up lights.  I thought that having one 18 watt led light mounted on my ladder was bright.  I hope that you are happy with your lights.  I love my led lights that I put on.  I changed out my tail light fixtures, extra back up light, all marker lights and my license plate light.  I still have my original headlights but I am looking for replacements.

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