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Engine Life Expectancy, 4 cyl vs 6 cyl

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How reliable are the 6 cyl engines vs the R22 series? The R22's seem to last for ever and the replacement cost for the 6 cyl engine is at least twice that of the 4 cyl. Any thoughts on expected engine life for the 6 cyl vs the 4 cyl?

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I've had two r22 4 cylinder MHs. One had 122k and still chugging fine. I only got rid of mine because my then girlfriend wanted dash air. The only thing I've seen out there is blown head gaskets on the 4 cylinders and that's not that common. I wonder if that was when our retarded government made Toyota switch from asbestos gaskets ( Like how much asbestos is going to escape from a head gasket, DUH).

I'm almost sorry that I got a 6 cylinder this time. Changing the cam belt is a killer. The mechanical lifters use shims which is a pain. My friend has had a problem with bad valves on hers and she only has 60k on it. I met someone with a 6 cylinder Toyhome who managed a fleet of Toyota one ton trucks with the six. He told me one secret is to adjust the valves around 60,000. He said when it's not done, the valves tend to burn out by 90,000. He converted his to the 3.4 liter Toyota six and loves it.

If I had it to do over, I would have gotten a four and mildly hot rodded it. OR, I should have had the air installed on mine and converted to the GM 4.3 liter V6 which is a bullet proof truck engine and has the perfect torque range for these vehicles. It's a shoe in conversion. If my Toyota six croaks, that's what I'll do.

It sounds like a number of people here have tweaked the fours. I wonder what reliability they got from them.

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My motorhome has the V6 and 97,000 miles and is running strong. I have been looking at

ebay for V6 mileage and have seen a number of them in the 110,000 to 130,000 mile range

and even saw one with 167,000 miles. I do not know how much work was done on these engines.

I used to own a 1986 Toyota pickup truck and I put 205,000 on it and the guy I sold it two put

on another 65,000 miles. The only engine work that was done was a new timing chain at 90,000

and a head gasket at 85,000. Although 270,000 miles sounds impressive, the truck was not

attached under a motorhome coach, and rarely hauled any load.

I am hoping for 150,000 out of mine. Be sure to change the timing belt at 80,000 miles and

that would also be a good time to check / service the valves.

Another factor to consider is that since the V6 engine has more HP and Torque than the 4 cylinder,

the V6 engine is not working as hard.

Hope this helps,


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