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Toyota Dolphin 81 Mini Home Double excels

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Here everybody.

This spacial application about 30 years old still lives in the streets of USA . I'm not sure how

many people own or know this one. However I do have one ans interested.

What kind of Airbags this Toyota originally use ?

All Regards.


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The tag axle 'homes show up for sale from time to time, but I don't remember noticing (anyone other than you) saying they owned one. I know that at this time I'm quite unclear about exactly what the rear suspension layout is and whether there's anything different that would stop you installing the same air springs as usually fitted to a more 'normal' MH or pickup.

You might have luck with Firestone Ride-Rite 2115 or Air Lift LoadLifter 57113.



Your best plan might be to find a shop local to you who would be able to look at yours to see if they fit, rather than buying them only to find that they don't!

I know that I'd be interested in seeing pictures showing exactly what's installed under your rear end.

Good luck.

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