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I've still got a Porsche tractor sitting in my field. As to cars? Maybe the last air-cooled auto unless Tatra is still making them.

Fuel efficiency of Porsche air-cooled diesel tractors compared to a few water-cooled tractors:

Porsche L108 air-cooled diesel tractor - 50 cubic inch diesel, 11.2 horsepower @ 12.7 horsepower

Porsche Super L-318a air-cooled diesel tractor, 150 cubic inches, 37 horsepower @ 12.9 HHG


International Cub gas - 60 cubic inches, 9.2 horsepower @ 10.9 HHG

Kubota L185 diesel - 45 cubic inches, 15.4 horsepower @ 13.3 HHG

Allis Chalmers D15 diesel - 175 cubic inches, 36 horsepower @ 12.7 HHG





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wow, I thought we were getting ripped off here. Reg is 1.95 and ethanol free is 2.35 a gal

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WOW that is an eye opener. After reading your post I did a google search on the subject and found the same exact answers. Here is one http://www.wanderings.net/notebook/Main/IsHighOctaneGasWorthTheMoney and http://www.state.mn.us/mn/externalDocs/Commerce/Gasoline_Octane_Facts_102902052227_OctaneFacts.pdf

I have been wrong all this time assuming a higher octane would give me more horsepower and therefore better mileage. Thanks for setting us straight! One thing I read is that the higher the octane the more energy it requires to ignite the fuel. I am still in the WOW mode.


newer engines with electronic timing one would get better mpg with 91 vs 87.

Toyota, 87 all the way unless the engine requires it.


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Very few newer or older engines get any better MPGs with high test, versus regular. It has little to do with microprocessor controls. Generally speaking, engines with very high mechanical compression ratios require high test to prevent preignition.

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