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specs on 77? Chinook please

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I'm just starting to get interested in a Toyota based Chinook, pop up type camper. Probably a '77 or so. I've Very famaliar with the 20r engine and like them. I would like to know the height of the standard size Chinook of this year. I'm thinking there is only one model? I really like the idea of putting it in the garage. I'd also like the overall lenght and the heigth (floor to ceiling) when the top is popped up.

And if anyone has any pics of the inside, or any and all info would be very gratefully accepted.

Another question just popped into my mind: I'm thinking the wheels on these trucks are 5 bolt, is that true? And the rear axle has just 2 tires? Any specs on the weight, gas mileage, etc would be great also.

I like the door between the taillights so I can haul 'stuff' like a few 2x4's or a pallet or 2 (firewood)

Thanks so much for your time and knowledge. I've put 125 thou on my '77 Celica over the 15 years I've had it. Toyotas are Great. Looking forward to reading more on the site. Gary in Lancaster, Ca. (60 miles north of Los Angeles)

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