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I got one!

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OK all,

After lurking and asking questions, I pulled the trigger on a '92 Rockwood Roamer! I flew out to Ohio, put my money down and bought it - site unseen - only 4 photos and reassurance by the seller - and drove it back to Colorado - 1450 miles with only the only incident being a broken A/C belt - repaired by very nice people in KS for $50 and a severe case of altitude sickness once it reached 8500 ft elevation. Not worried about that - happens to the best of us - sure to be adjusted and back in fine form soon.

I think we are going to have alot of fun together. I'll post a photo of her soon!

I'm sure to have lots of questions - so thanks for being there and being willing to share your knowledge and experience!



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That is soooo cooool!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about your drive home!!!!

Congrats Colleen!!!!!


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Hey Colleen,

Good for you! It's nice to see that the spirit of adventure is still alive and well. Hope you and your 'new' Rockwood Roamer will have many great adventures roaming around together. That initial 1,450 mile trip was a good bonding time and only a broken a/c belt to mar the trip. Sounds like you found a peach!

Have fun!

Dianne '84 Dolphin

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