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Triad-Utrad converter charger TU-730-2

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3 hours ago, Jak Rabbit said:

can I charge a 12 volt car battery with this converter charger if it is out of the motor home and if so how do I go about it safely?

From what I’ve read, this thing just puts out steady 14V... you can plug it in and hook it straight up to a 12V battery that needs charging (must use heavy gauge wire, like jumper cables), and it should do the job. No smart charging capability though, so don’t leave it hooked up 24-7. I’d run it a few hrs, then disconnect and check battery with voltmeter: approx 12.6V is full-up. 

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You can but it's not a real good charger. It is old school with a big old transformer and although it has a high current rating it is mostly for acc not battery charging they were poorly regulated and left on a battery long term it is likely to boil the water out of the battery. The modern ones are fine for battery charging they are well regulated. I leave my camper plugged in it's modern charger takes care of two batteries saves me from having to bring them inside. To fully utilize the output of either charger would require a #10 wire but once the battery is charged unlike the old chargers the current is regulated and drops back to just a couple amps. 

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