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Tried searching for information related to  winter insulation for four season use.


Got really frustrated by the search function.  Tried the Boolean method following the suggestion in the search box and got every single post which used the word AND as a result.


I think more people would search if we knew the secrets of the search engine.


Alternatively,  upgrade the search engine with more functionality such as a "must have" keywords field and a "without these" keywords  field.


I don't want every post using the word "insulation" for example, but if it has the words "insulation " and "winter" it narrows down the 1600+ results.


A suggestion.

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I am not very computer savvy but I have managed to find most of the things people ask for using that same search function. Easy to narrow down , change to phrase, include all words or any word. Yes your going to get a lot of posts because over the years we've had thousands and thousands of posts. Compared to searching for information on any other Toyota motorhome site the search engine here is way more effective. There is another option too. Unlike many sites, when you ask questions here people answer. 

I'm only a moderator here but I do own 2 other sites relating to Toyota motorhomes. This is the best site there is period. Actual hands on helping owners with difficult problems and genuinely being involved. And very smart members who know what they are talking about. Try it

Linda S

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