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   My motor once died and would only crank but made no attempt to start. Unfortunately I was on the side of a highway with semis passing just a couple feet from me at 65MPH and it was getting dark. It was extremely stressful just getting out to look under the hood. Long story short, I got towed to a nearby RV park where I was able to trouble shoot the issue down to a blown EFI fuse.

  As soon as I got home I found a post on a different Toyota forum site on installing this simple pressure gauge so you will always know if you are getting fuel to the injection rail or not. It really helps in trouble shooting these kind of issues.

Here is what you need:


To install, remove the bolt plug from the end of the fuel injection rail and screw the gauge in. I know it fits 3.0 and 3.4 and the original poster said it should also work for 22R and 22RE. For a period of time my gauge will continue to show pressure even after motor is turned off.


Fuel Pressure Gauge.jpg

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Don't try this remotely you don't need high pressure fuel inside of your camper. Many use a Schrader valve on the fuel rail so the gauge must be able to open it or you will get zero PSI.

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