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Odyssey - 1990 Toyota - WALL CLOCK - For Sale

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I have a vintage 1990 Toyota Odyssey - WALL CLOCK - for sale removed carefully from the wall of the cabin. It's pretty nice-look at the photos. It is about 6" diameter, gold in color, and It takes a single AA battery. Anyone who is interested in restoring their Odyssey with a quite nice vintage 'Gold' color clock from an original Odyssey cabin may be interested. I think I can take any reasonable offer to make you a good deal.


PS Because the rig has proven to need so much work to do on it-then I anticipated, I'm modying into a weekender rather than to restore it to its beutiful original condition. So, I'm renovating the cabin with a different color of fresh paint, stuff and things, new floor tile, etc. Someone who knows about 'restoration' and fixing things up like the original may be more interested in hanging the beautiful vintage 'gold' color Odyssey WALL CLOCK in their project. 

Vintage Clock - 1990 - Odyssey - gold color.JPG

1990 Odyssey RV clock .JPG

1990 Toyota Odyssey WALL CLOCK - vintage.JPG

1990 Toyota Odyssey WALL CLOCK - vintage (1).JPG

1990 Toyota Odyssey WALL CLOCK - vintage (2).JPG

1990 Toyota Odyssey WALL CLOCK - vintage (3).JPG

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